The humanitarian convoy of the MHIGE, student association of INSEEC Grande Ecole

convoi humanitaire en moldavie
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The MHIGE (Mission Humanitaire Inter Grandes Ecoles) was created in 1989 by a former student of the INSEEC Grande Ecole campus in Bordeaux, with the aim of helping Eastern European countries to rebuild after being affected by the Chernobyl disaster in Ukraine on April 26, 1986.

MHIGE is dedicated to providing medical and educational supplies to hospitals, orphanages and universities. The association does not shy away from any mileage and brings the donations itself during a convoy rich in emotions. This allows direct contact with the local population and the development of intercultural exchanges.

Last October, members of the Bordeaux-based association MHIGE traveled 3,000 kilometers to bring an ambulance and medical equipment to the emergency hospital in Chișinău.

Back for a few months, they take the time to tell you about their journey on the roads of Europe.

“Mhige was lucky enough to be able to leave this year in a humanitarian convoy to Chisinau in Moldova. We started organizing the convoy months in advance. A member of our association even devoted his entire internship to the organization of this one.

We left on Saturday, October 30th from Bordeaux and we returned on Wednesday, November 10th in the late afternoon after an eventful journey. We had the opportunity to cross and discover 7 European countries, Italy, Slovenia, Hungary, Romania, Moldavia, Austria and Germany.

We have been very active on our social networks in order to make you discover our adventures as well as the first goal of our association, to help the most underprivileged countries of the East.

Unfortunately everything did not go as planned… And yes, we stayed blocked for no less than 30 hours over three days at the customs as well as at the Romanian and Moldavian borders. At the time how can I tell you that we were not laughing!

In spite of all the small unforeseen events we had, we were able to deposit our 25000 € of medical equipment in the emergency hospital of Chisinau.

We have grown from this experience and are happy to have had the chance to be part of this convoy!

We hope that future members of the association will continue to organize a convoy as we did this year. ”

MHIGE Student Convoy
Updated 24 February 2022