“Think about your future network before validating your applications” – INSEEC Grande Ecole x Major-Prépa

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Discover the article by STÉPHANIE OUEZMAN for Major Prépa.

The importance of the network for studies

Within the OMNES Education group, INSEEC Grande Ecole has been working for decades alongside its sister schools. With ECE, EBS, Sup de Pub, International University of Monaco, among others, it shares an impressive network. Of course it counts, especially at the beginning of a professional life, but it is also very useful at different stages of a career.

And if you see this as piston, revise your positions! It’s a gift to have this variety of possible contacts, but don’t think of them as connections that will roll out the red carpet for you to get into the company you’ve been dreaming of for the job you’ve been aiming for. A network, you will have the opportunity to study it, it is worked on, especially on the basis of involvement and reciprocity.

This is exactly what INSEEC Grande Ecole does with its academic partners. Today, it has 160 “friendly” universities in the world with which it develops exchange agreements. When they involve partners who know each other well and trust each other, they can even lead to quite exceptional opportunities for you. This is the case of the tripartite program that INSEEC Grande Ecole has been offering for several years with the University of Granada in Spain and the SRH Hochschule in Berlin.

The possibility of obtaininga triple European diploma

The principle? During the M1 year, you spend one semester in Spain and another in Germany before returning to one of INSEEC’s French campuses for your M2 specialization. After completing this year, thanks to your thesis, you will graduate from the Master in Management of INSEEC, the MSc International Management of SRH and the Master in Economics of the University of Granada. Not bad on a resume!

To join this excellent program, which is only open to a handful of students, you must apply during your third year of study, the first one you take after joining after the preparatory program. The school’s international relations department manages the applications and helps you to put together your file, which will be examined by the pedagogical managers of the two partner institutions. Don’t panic: you don’t need to be fluent in German or Spanish, nor do you need to be trilingual, as the courses are held in English. On the other hand, you will benefit from two long immersion periods during a full year which will certainly allow you, in addition to gaining fluency in English, to progress in these two other languages and to discover the specificities of these cultures close to ours! Don’t forget that you become a member of two other alumni networks…

Paris, Lyon, Bordeaux: 3 campuses to develop your network

In France, INSEEC Grande École is located on three campuses, in Paris, Bordeaux and Lyon, three very dynamic and attractive cities where student life is particularly lively. And all of them will benefit from important changes thanks to the 50 million euros that OMNES Education is investing in real estate. Powerful!

In Bordeaux, the school will expand its campus by 6,000 square meters on the banks of the Garonne to reach 16,000 square meters by 2023. In Lyon, where it occupies the upper floors of the famous Citroën building, emblematic of the architecture of the early 20th century, it will also gain square meters, again by reorganizing its spaces to include areas dedicated to incubation. In Paris, where the group has several sites, it will expand from 40,000 to 60,000 m² by concentrating its presence in the Eiffel, La Villette and La Défense districts. In short, more spaces for you in all the cities where INSEEC Grande École is present!

London and San Francisco, INSEEC’s foreign sites

There is also space elsewhere than in France! And INSEEC Grande Ecole students benefit from OMNES Education’s international presence from the first year. They spend two full months in London between March and April of their third year. The group has had a campus there since 2009, right in the center of the city, in Marylebone. Ideal for a first experience abroad, London remains a European capital close to France. On site, French-speaking teams welcome students and courses are given in English. For the accommodation, sharing a flat is preferred, it allows everyone to meet and settle wherever they want in London to take advantage of the English way of life and to discover the most important places while immersing themselves in the British culture.

A few thousand kilometers away, to delight the most English-speaking and those who want to explore their entrepreneurial ambitions, it is nothing less than Silicon Valley that is offered to INSEEC Grande École students! In your last year, you can take advantage of the business school’s site in San Francisco. To move forward on topics at the border between entrepreneurship and digital, in the heart of a perfect ecosystem for these subjects.

Credit : Major-Prépa

Updated 24 February 2022