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The students of the MSc 2 Digital Marketing & E-business and Data Analytics & Marketing Manager have brilliantly taken up the challenge launched by the Cdiscountbrand by applying the creative method, the Design sprint.

Design sprint, what is it ?

The Design Sprint is a user experience (UX) design workshop. It borrows the values of the Agile method used in Silicon Valley. Considered as a subpart of Design Thinking, itplaces the notion of innovation at the heart of its approach.

This creative process of an initial duration of 5 days was condensed into 2 intensive days. This method is widely used in companies. It is based on the co-design of a project where everyone has a predefined role according to their expertise. These two days were punctuated by collaborative workshops.  Timing is one of the fundamental principles that must be rigorously respected. These timeframes help to minimize uncertainties and risks. It allows to create a ” motivating dynamics of creation “.

Challenge taken up by our students !

The students had to imagine an innovative service with recurrent use for 18-25 year olds under the Cdiscount umbrella brand.Two experts of the Design Sprint method coached the students in order to answer this problem. Hélène Desliens, co-founder of the training organization EXPERTEEZ and Emmanuel Granger, Big Data Manager at Big Data Lab at GROUPE IDAIA and Director of the Data Analytics & Marketing Manager program at INSEEC, supervised the students during the whole exercise.

The first day was dedicated to the creation of a persona and its experience map (typical day of the persona). Then in the afternoon it was the ” How Might We ” workshop allowing the group to identify and prioritize the problems to be solved. These identified problems are in fact potential sources of a concept. At the end of the day, the students decided on a project idea thanks to the workshops conducted beforehand.

The second day was dedicated to the storyboarding and prototyping stage. Students were asked to create mock-ups illustrating the main features of their concept. Then came the crucial step of user testing. It allows to evaluate the relevance of the service and to identify the functionalities that could be improved.

As for the final test that will conclude these two intense days, it is a pitch. Each group spoke for 7 minutes in front of a jury composed of professionals from Cdiscount including the innovation manager. The students had to explain their creative process and convince of the relevance of their concept.

In short, it was a great experience where everyone was involved with pleasure, both our students and the coaches!

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Updated 24 February 2022