Océane Clerc, in MSc 1 Social and HR Management and on a work-study programme at EDF

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Currently in her first year of MSc Social Management and Human Resources at the INSEEC Campus in Chambéry, Océane Clerc is doing her studies as a work-study student at EDF.

The 25 year old student talks about her career, her missions, but also her future.

” I have a professional bachelor’s degree, Reception Customer and User Relations, obtained in 2013. Afterwards, I worked for two years as a hostess of cash register, Agent des Services Hospitaliers, Secretary in town hall, or municipal employee. These two years have been very formative. They allowed me to realize the reality of the working world”, presents Oceane.

 I decided to resume my studies in BTS Management of Commercial Units. I learned to manage and develop the activity of a commercial unit. And also to master the successive steps of the commercial process. I wanted to put my knowledge to good use. I worked for a year as a sales assistant and a customer service assistant, in two different companies.

A whole program that leads the student to join the school benches. She then completed a professional degree in Human Resources Management, which she did as a work-study program at the EDF Hydraulic Engineering Center (CIH). This year, devoted to the fundamentals of human resources, allows him to master the basics of the HR function. And to realize that she has found her way !

“I was lucky enough to be able to extend the experience at EDF CIH. The company wanted to keep me for my two years of master. This is how I arrived in MSc 1 Social and HR Management at INSEEC in Chambéry !   ”

A choice that Océane does not regret :

” INSEEC brings me ahe eyes and experiences of professionals. We are fortunate to have speakers who are all professionals. We deal with concrete situations. I can apply what I’ve seen in class to the job.
I can also acquire a lot of knowledge : in organizational management, human behavior, or business administration. We also do a lot of role playing with practical case studies or concrete projects. “

 Work-study program at EDF

 Since September 2017, Océane Clerc has been working at EDF in the Hydraulic Engineering Center.

” I am a training assistant. I work in pairs with my tutor. This one is responsible for training. My overall mission is to monitor and assist in the construction of the training plan, which concerns 850 agents at EDF CIH.

Concretely, I am in charge of :
– the management of off-site courses and first aid training (organization, registration, logistics),
– support on the production of files for the EC  2019, then for the CSE for 2020,
– assistance in the construction of the 2021 training plan,
– the updating of our ” toolbox “, a document that links the business skills management approach with training,
– support for the implementation of change management for employees on a new HRIS tool,
– monitoring of enrollments, withdrawals and absenteeism in training,
– the updating of the training catalog,
– Follow-up of hot evaluations of training courses and analysis of cold evaluations,
– registration of attendance sheets, logistical management of internal training, management of the training mailbox… ”

A real program that she wishes to confirm in the months to come.

” After the master’s degree, I would have real professional experience in the field of training. If the opportunity arises, I would like to continue in this field. I like it. I would like to be in charge of training in a large company. I am also interested and curious to discover other fields, such as skills management or recruitment !   “

Updated 24 February 2022