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Because they are fully integrated into the social life of the territory, our students have proven their full commitment during this very particular period of health crisis.
The proof, with Thomas Lebigot, MSc 1 International Management student atINSEEC Chambéry.
Of his own free will, Thomas gave his time by working in the laundry of several hospitals in Grenoble. He tells us about this incredible dedication !

Thomas Lebigot is 24 years old and lives in Grenoble. He is finishing his first year of MSc 1 International Management at INSEEC Chambéry.
At the same time, he held the position of car salesman at MERCEDES-BENZ Etoile 38 Groupe Huillier in Grenoble, as part of his work-study program.

” When the COVID-19 epidemic started, I had two weeks of classes left at INSEEC. They were conducted online with the stakeholders. My company was forced to close (ban on receiving the public, containment …). I took the opportunity to start my professional report. However, I felt useless staying at home, while others were fighting the virus every day. JI then wanted to join as a volunteer firefighter. I have wanted to do this for a long time, but my private situation did not allow me to do so. I didn’t manage to get the fire station in Grenoble.
My father then advised me to call the CHU in Grenoble to offer my help. The same day, I was directly directed to the services in which I could help. I was then offered to work in the laundry at the SUD hospital in Grenoble as a VOLUNTEER.
The next day, I had an appointment for the medical examination. The day after, I was at the laundry which takes care of the daily linen of several hospitals (CHU Nord and SUD of Grenoble, Hospital of Voiron). ”

A true citizen commitment

For very busy days !

” The laundry processes between 15 and 20 tons of linen per day. My job was to collect the clean laundry in bins and then place the laundry on a conveyor belt. The machine then irons and folds the laundry. I started work at 7am and finished at 3:30pm. I worked in the laundry for a month from Monday to Wednesday, describes the student.

Thomas gives us some advice in this period of deconfinement :

” I’m not an expert on this, I’m not a doctor, but I don’t think we should rush out. Indeed, this containment has been very difficult for many people. We must not waste all the efforts that have been made. Take your time… and thank you to everyone who has struggled during these difficult times. ”

But above all, congratulations to you, Thomas.

At INSEEC Chambéry, like everywhere else, we are proud of you !

Updated 24 February 2022