Everything you need to know about the sectors that are recruiting: focus on finance

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Today more than ever in 2021, the question of a young person’s employability is crucial. Faced with a chaotic job market exacerbated by the Covid-19 pandemic, it is necessary to put all the chances on one’s side when looking for an internship, a work-study program or a first job by being aware of the sectors that are recruiting. Which way to go? Which sectors are recruiting? Today, we focus on the finance sector with Guillaume LEFEBVRE, Scientific Director of the Paris Campus Finance Center, who gives us his point of view on the subject. 

The functions and skills sought in the financial sphere

The financial sphere is like many others affected by the COVID crisis which is testing the business model of banks and other financial institutions, such as insurance companies and asset managers. Nevertheless, particularly in France, the sector has maintained its overall recruitment of both work-study students and permanent employees.

While it is of course necessary to prepare for the job with an academic background that prepares you for the functions of a financial institution (financial analysis, distribution of financial products, audit and permanent control, compliance, cash management, etc.), it is also necessary to have a good knowledge of the financial sector, it is necessary to double its approach with a specific awareness on three areas that impact the financial sphere.

The 3 fields that recruit the most in finance

The digitalization that accompanies the new consumption habits of the bank, but also impacts their internal functioning.

Regulations, with a continuous flowering of new obligations that accompany the business and respond to an uncertain environment (prevention of money laundering, prevention of computer fraud in particular, respect for the functioning of the markets, competition rules, etc.).

Corporate Social Responsibility. French financial institutions, in particular, made an early commitment to this theme (adoption of the Equator Principles) and are demonstrating innovation on the generic theme of ” green finance ” (green bonds, green loans, socially responsible investments, etc.).

Which Masters of Science train in these fields? 

INSEEC MSc & MBA students have a wide range of Masters 1 and 2 programs on these topics, preparing them not only for the main functions of a financial institution, but also integrating modules on these three rapidly developing topics.

Two of the programs are even totally articulated on these two themes :

These academic and professional trainings prepare them for a rapid integration into the job market at the end of their academic program at INSEEC.

Updated 24 February 2022