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After a first experience in the banking sector, Florine Machard was recruited by BNP Paribas, as a professional business manager. She is doing her MSc in Corporate Finance and Financial Engineering on a work-study basis and assists her client companies on a daily basis, at every stage of their life cycle.

What are your daily missions?

We start by analyzing the irregular business accounts on a daily basis, in order to know the origin of the debit and the prospects of regularization.

Then, we process the customer’s requests by mail or by phone. It can be about everyday requests concerning their banking equipment (payment means, transfers…) but also about projects, financing needs, failing companies… which are then the subject of appointments.

We accompany our customers from the opening of the account to the development of their activity through the financing of machines or premises. This support continues with professional insurance and benefits.
Our main missions are to develop our client base, and to create new relationships through prospecting and referrals.


What aspects of your work do you enjoy the most ? And why did you choose this sector of activity ?

What I enjoy most is analyzing the financial structures of companies, and then advising them. It is my appetite for consulting and finance that led me to choose this sector of activity. I also appreciate the fact that I can accompany the company at every stage of its life cycle.


What was your educational and corporate background before finding this position ? 

After my baccalaureate, I did a BTS in Customer Relationship Management, where I was a salesperson in a small electrical company.  I then applied for a professional degree in Banking and Insurance at Lyon II University. During a job-dating, I was recruited by the Banque Populaire as a customer advisor. Job-dating has allowed me to develop my network with banks. This is how I was then recruited by BNP Paribas to do the Msc1 banking finance, still as a customer advisor, and then this Msc2.


Why did you choose to join the INSEEC Lyon MSc & MBA program ? 

I chose Inseec initially for the Msc1 banking finance. It allows you to learn the basics of finance and accounting, and then to deepen them in Msc2.

Secondly, the work-study program offered by the school suited me : the training is done in 6 months, which allows me to work full time in my bank branch during the rest of my year and to have a real experience of the job of Business Manager.


Which skills or experiences acquired in the INSEEC MSc&MBA programs do you think are most useful in your professional environment?

During my internship, the skills that were most useful to me were accounting and financial analysis.
Knowing the fundamentals of accounting allows you to understand a tax return, a determining element in the analysis of a professional file. The courses of analysis and financial diagnosis delivered in complement enabled me then to apprehend the financial health of a company, and to know how to diagnose its strengths and weaknesses.
Having this skill is crucial in my daily work because I have to make sure that a company is sustainable and to control the risk it may represent. This is also crucial to help them in their development, and to understand their different projects and needs.


What do you think is the added value of this training ?

 This training provides skills in setting up complex financing files, which will be useful in the evolution of my professional career.

It also allows us to acquire a solid culture and knowledge in taxation and in financing law. This gives us the opportunity to provide our clients with quality advice that goes beyond simple financial advice. These skills are complementary and allow us to understand a project, a need, in a more complete and serene way.


Do you have any advice for students who want to have a career in this sector ?

You must be able to combine competence and expertise with a commercial sense. Active listening allows us to offer the right product to the right customer. Knowing how to work in a team is also essential.


How do you see the next step in your professional career ?

Afterwards, I would like to evolve in a business center and advise larger structures. Credit analysis is also a profession that I am considering.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row type=”” in_container=”” scene_position=”” center=”” text_color=”” dark=”” text_align=”” left=”” overlay_strength=””][vc_column column_padding=”” no-extra-padding=”” column_padding_position=”” all=”” background_color_opacity=”” background_hover_color_opacity=”” width=””][divider line_type=”” no=”” Line”” custom_height=””][/vc_column][/vc_row]”

Updated 24 February 2022