Hadj-Mohamed Tadjer, in MSc 1 Distribution Management and on a work-study program at Carrefour

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At 24 years old, he has the profile of someone who hangs on. Again and again. For the course can be described as singular.

Currently in MSc 1 Distribution Management at Inseec U. Campus Chambéry, Hadj-Mohamed Tadjer works in a work-study program in the Carrefour store in Bassens. He tells us about his career. He also outlines several perspectives on his future, which he sees abroad.

” I have a rather special background. I graduated with a BAC ES, and then I really knew how to hang on in my schooling. I enrolled in law school to pursue a degree in business administration. I validated the first year. Then I decided to take a break for two years. I worked in the family business specializing in the sale of fruits and vegetables , Hadj-Mohamed tells us.

It was in July 2015 that the student from Chambéry joined the Carrefour group, while resuming his second year of his degree.

” After that, Carrefour offered me a work-study program as part of the third year of a professional degree in food marketing and logistics. ”

Focused on fresh products and everything related to food, this passionate soccer player decided to continue his career and to pursue a specialized master degree.

Knowing a foreign country…

He then enrolled at the Chambéry campus, in MSc 1 Distribution Management, supervised by Véronique Rodari.

” Thanks to the school, I see a vision of the professional world that I did not know before. Inseec allows me to open my eyes to a lot of things, especially thanks to the professional speakers who have or have had positions of responsibility in this sector. ”

At the same time, Hadj-Mohamed is working as an assistant to the Fruit and Vegetable manager in the Bassens hypermarket. In the long run, the student’s professional project seems to be all mapped out.

” I would like to be able to obtain a position of greater responsibility within the group and why not, in the longer term, have the chance to experience a position in one of our subsidiaries abroad. ”

A fan of Japanese culture and manga, Hadj-Mohamed, who perfectly masters the dialectal Arabic of the Maghreb and has a good level in literary Arabic (he has been taking courses for two years), would not say no to an assignment in the Maghreb and/or Gulf countries.

Updated 24 February 2022