Sandrine Bourdais, head of the Entrepreneurship program at the Chambéry Campus

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Sandrine Bourdais is in charge of the entrepreneurship program at the Chambéry campus. She assists students with theirbusiness creation or takeover projects. As a marketing teacher with extensive experience, she is a catalyst for solutions for these young students who dream of becoming the Bill Gates of tomorrow.

In her office on the Chambéry campus, she proudly presents the school’s most successful students : students with a project that was sometimes a little vague at first, but who finally decided to take the plunge into the world of entrepreneurship. Because the data is clear from the start : the course and the approach are indeed heavy.

” This always happens in parallel with their master’s degree and in an online setting. Students can then obtain a certificate that validates their project , presents Sandrine, who is in charge of the entrepreneurship course and who has more than 10 years of experience at Inseec U.

” Students are coached outside of class time, often between noon and two or in the evening. I tell them about the constraints of such a course and make them aware of the fact that they must be able to carry out several projects at once. “.

10 projects finalized per year

Out of the 500 masters programs on the INSEEC campus in Chambéry, about 20 are in this program. And there are real success stories like André Costa, a MSc 2 Sports Marketing and Management student, who launched his sports marketing agency based in Haute-Savoie.

” We have all kinds of projects : in digital marketing, real estate, distribution, or even chimney sweeping ! Students are looking for guidance, a framework. In France, there are real administrative constraints to starting a business. And then, with Inseec, there is also a strength around networking and partnerships (Savoie Technolac incubator, business angels, professionals) .

At the end of the year, each student goes before a jury, presided over by Angelo Peritore, group manager at Banque Populaire. With a certificate at the key. Next objective for Sandrine Bourdais who almost never stops : ” I would like us to develop intrapreneurship as well… “.

Updated 24 February 2022