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Former student of the MSc Marketing, Communication & Commercial Strategy – class of 2012 – Jean-Baptiste Chapelleaubos has been CRM Solutions Manager at Betclic Group in Bordeaux for two years. He teaches the module ” Digital project management ” to students of the Bachelor Digital Marketing.

His career path

After graduating from Inseec Jean Baptiste Chapelleaubos left for Catalina Marketing, an American company based in Paris that specializes in providing relationship marketing solutions for distributors and manufacturers.  Initially hired as a Marketing Consultant on the Brand side, he quickly climbed the ladder to finally become a Key Account Manager  for Intermarché.

Then 2 years ago, thanks to his experience, Betclic spotted him and contacted him to offer him the position he holds today in Bordeaux.  His responsibilities consist mainly in the redesign of the entire CRM environment: from data collection, processing and analysis via adapted tools, to the segmentation of people and the implementation of digital marketing campaigns . He explains that the current market players are very efficient on email management or on  marketing automation but they are not yet adapted to mobile-only companies such as Betclic. Based on this observation, the leader in online sports betting in France has decided to become more autonomous.  Today, their CRM system is internalized in order to be able to respond to the very specific needs of their customers.

Articulation of the course modules

Jean Baptiste has chosen to articulate his courses according to a project management model, the Agile – Scrum method. This will consist  in the implementation of workshops responding to the different stages of progress of a project, in this case the progress of the courses.

The first class will be a workshop ” Ice breaker “, aiming at getting to know each other. The objective of this first course is to develop students’ ability to interact with people who are not part of the same team, who do not have the same area of expertise in professional life. The first part of his courses will therefore be rather macro by addressing the digital transformation, the impact and the importance of a digital project manager within an organization. The following courses will be more ” concrete ” : it will illustrate with several practical cases the main theoretical concepts of the agile method in project management. Jean Baptiste wishes above all to encourage students to participate and exchange around these concrete cases so that they have a vision as close as possible to the professional realities of the market.

Former student, Jean Baptiste wishes to perpetuate the INSEEC network

Already several students have the chance to do their internship at Betclic in Bordeaux. The project does not stop there since the objective is to recruit work-study contracts starting next year. Jean Baptiste would like to work on this project and is considering a partnership with Inseec.

Alumni’s advice to new students

” Choose your internships carefully “

He explains that during a recruitment process,  two things are taken into account : the choice of school – and  the fact of being part of Inseec allows one to have a substantial network –  but also the choice of internships, which is a determining factor for the future.

Updated 24 February 2022