Luc François, in MSc 1 Luxury and in work-study in Courchevel

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Since the beginning of the school year, Luc François has changed gear. He decided to join the INSEEC Chambéry campus to do an MSc 1 Luxury. All this while working in a real estate agency in Courchevel. He tells us about his career.

At 22 years old, I left my province… promised, the late Charles Aznavour will not begrudge him to revisit his famous lyrics. Originally from Castelroussin, Luc now has a foothold in the Savoy region.

A brief look back at : after obtaining his baccalaureate ES in 2014, and a year in management control, the student, a fan of all sports, decided to reorient himself at the faculty of Châteauroux, within a degree in economics and management. An ERASMUS year in Sweden and the discovery of the world of luxury pushed him to continue in this direction :

” I have indeed decided to specialize. I knew of Inseec’s reputation and as the Master in Luxury offered many courses in English, I decided to enroll. “

Sales assistant in a real estate agency

In parallel to his training on the Chambéry campus, Luc is a sales assistant at Courchevel Immobilier, a real estate agency specialized in high-end properties.

” I take care of marketing but also prospecting. I am also in charge of the administrative elements of the mandates , says the one who still leaves himself a little time before stopping his professional project for good.

What about Inseec in all this ?

” I really appreciate the human vision that I see at Inseec. It’s a completely different perspective from college. The courses are very diversified. There is a lot of emphasis on personal development and professional networking. ”

Curious about everything – he likes politics in particular – Luc François continues to learn. So that everything becomes luxury, in the end…

Updated 24 February 2022