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Directly linked to the head of the MSc 2 Big Data and Marketing Manager program at INSEEC Campus in Chambéry, former student Marie Tortorelli is setting up a project within her own company, PURE ILLUSION. One of the references in Haute-Savoie in digital marketing (development of custom websites and SEO/SEA).

A-gi-li-té !

This word sounds like a refrain within the MSc of the INSEEC U. campus. Chambéry campus.

In order to be as close as possible to the needs of companies, the specialized master’s programs on the Savoy campus are adapted, developed, modified and updated over time. A real springboard for students on work-study programs when they enter the job market.

This is the case of Marie Tortorelli, MSc 2 Big Data and Marketing Manager class valedictorian in 2019. Marie is a Traffic Manager at Pure Illusion, a company based in Meythet, Haute-Savoie. A company that employs about twenty people.

” My missions consist in accompanying clients in the management of their social network campaigns. Advising them upstream, managing, steering and then analyzing our strategy. I also have a big data analysis job, hence my specialization in Big data marketing.”

Marie was particularly appreciative of the availability of the INSEEC Chambéry team. And more particularly that of Daniel Perdriolle, its program manager.

” A program that fits with what we do on a daily basis “

” Daniel has been totally attentive to our expectations, to what we do on a daily basis. In class, we were able to focus on key areas that are professionally important to us. This is immediately useful to us in our various businesses, continues Marie. The year before, she did an MSc 1 Digital Marketing, on the campus of Chambéry. A solid training that allowed him to realize the link around a large-scale project within his company :  

“I am now a project manager. This is a project that has just been launched in our DATA specialization. Named the DATA SEO project, it will allow us to develop an SEO prediction tool for our clients. 

A new and truly innovative tool in the field of SEO

” For example, if INSEEC wants to position itself on the keyword ” best business school “, our tool will be able to establish a list of actions and SEO optimizations to implement, to reach the top positions in Google results. “

And proof of the extreme technicality of the INSEEC staff, this project is jointly created in partnership with Daniel Perdriolle!

” Daniel is incredibly available, both at school and on this project !   ” concludes Marie, who does not regret her choice!

Updated 24 February 2022