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Thomas Defrance has just concluded his school career with this last year on the campus of Chambéry, France.n MSc2 Business Development & Business Engineering. In alternation within the company VOKKERO. This company is specialized in the marketing of communication systems, in particular in the field of sports and industry.
At 22 years old, the future ex-student reveals his career path and draws some perspectives.

” I have been with the ADEUNIS Group for three years now. I did my bachelor’s degree as a work-study student and then my two years of master’s degree at the headquarters. My position has evolved : I went from being a sedentary salesman to a travelling salesman “.

Thomas was not very inclined towards the alternating rhythm when he started his studies. He had not yet realized the winning combination of business and school.

” At the start, I didn’t recommend this pace. I did have some reservations. Now, after these three years, I strongly encourage him ! It is very rewarding to be able to apply what we see in class directly in the workplace. And nothing replaces the field, the concrete sale in front of customers… “, says this former ski enthusiast.
Thomas holds a baccalaureate ES, option math. Then a DUT in Marketing Techniques, obtained in Grenoble.

He will continue in this company

Passionate about new technologies and connected solutions, Thomas will continue with his current company. At the same position, in charge of marketing connected objects in sports, such as headsets for high-level referees.

With a very clear project :

” I absolutely want to stay in the sales of complex B to B solutions. And why not in a large group. I enjoy the field of innovative and forward-looking solutions .

Thanks to INSEEC, Thomas has become more efficient, especially in project management.

” Management at school has served me well professionally. In particular for the management of commercial accounts and the effective animation of a network of partners. I would like to thank the school for allowing me to do these studies in a work-study program, and thus realize my project .

Thomas is ready to fly to new adventures!

Focus on the MSc 2 Business Development and Business Engineering :

This program is designed for students who wish to complete their commercial training.
The Business Developer must support the company’s growth strategy by creating value.
He must be highly motivated to create or enrich his client portfolio.
The goal is to train business engineers who master the techniques of selling goods and services in a national and international context.
It is a real turnover hunter. He/she must have great interpersonal skills and be at the forefront of innovation.
He is a true business strategist.


Updated 24 February 2022