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Boris is a former student of the MSc 2 Wealth Management & Real Estate Markets, class of 2012. After a professional degree in Banking and Insurance in Périgueux, he completed his master of science in a professionalization contract at the Banque Populaire BPACA as an assistant private banker. He is now a wealth management advisor in the Private Banking and Corporate Branch areas, still with Banque Populaire. In charge of the private management of shareholder executives in the Gironde area, his role is to accompany his patrimonial clients by defining an investment strategy. He intervenes as an expert on the patrimonial part of the customers by helping them to optimize their goods. It thus pursues an objective of diversification, investment and tax optimization.

Pass on, share, exchange

Boris appreciates ” going back to basics. Indeed, for 3 years now, he has been teaching the course on financial tax exemption for the MSc 2 Wealth Management & Real Estate Markets. Some of its students are on internships or professionalization contracts with the Banque Populaire, a partner of the INSEEC group. Being both an internship supervisor and a teacher allows him to combine technique and theory and thus optimize the student’s employability. For him, it is also very interesting to share his different professional experiences with the students in order to prepare them for the realities of their future profession.

His vision of the profession and his advice to students

Today, the banking business is evolving, particularly in terms of asset management. According to Boris, it is fundamental to be geographically mobile and agile in terms of business. This can sometimes be difficult, but it is essential in asset management and in the banking world in general. Within the Banque Populaire, he himself is often called upon to travel.

Changing agencies, regions, and types of clientele requires meeting new people, continuing to train, and continually challenging oneself.

Updated 24 February 2022