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At 21 years old and after 3 years of Bachelor Cesni, Agathe Felix did a gap year at theAustralian Catholic University, (Brisbane campus), partner of the INSEEC Group since 2010.

She wanted to validate an international mobility before graduating. She recounts her experience.

“The campus is off-center and very pleasant, large with many green spaces, the rooms are very well equipped in terms of computer equipment. Brisbane is a very nice city, the weather is good every day. The Australian culture is that of the Aborigines, the country has only 300 years of history and the inhabitants live in the present, the future being only the following year for the majority of people! ”

“Brisbane is a bit like the Australian Texas. A little conservative, no stress, the rhythm of life is completely different from France; we get up early to take advantage of the freshness, we go to bed early too. It is a rhythm to take, you adapt quickly. The famous “no worries” attitude is very marked!

Agathe found that thanks to her Bachelor’s degree, she was able to follow the courses without difficulty in Australia. The methods of work and evaluation, as well as the attendance in class, have nothing to do with France.

Some subjects were identical to what Agathe had learned during her Bachelor’s degree, but in a very different economic and social context.

Some subjects were based on the awareness of the difficulties of international business, or management and relations between people of different nationalities. She also took these courses:

  • Tourism
  • Cross cultural management
  • International HRM
  • Retail marketing and strategic marketing

Thanks to INSEEC Group’s extensive international network and the dedicated INSEEC Bachelor team, she had an emotional experience that will stay with her forever.

Updated 24 February 2022