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Currently in his third year of a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing and Sales, Thomas Jochum tells us about the school where he has been working since September, but also about his future projects.

Thomas, what was your educational background?

I started with a BTS in Negotiation and Customer Relations in a work-study program in the company Agidra, which is a food wholesaler. After obtaining my diploma, I joined Inseec last fall, on the Bourget-du-Lac campus, to study for a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing and Sales. And I’m happy with it! At the same time, I am a volunteer fireman and president of the association within the fire station.

What does Inseec bring to you?

First of all, there is a big advantage: the fact that all our speakers are real professionals. They know the field and the business world perfectly and are not disconnected from reality. Beyond these elements, Inseec gives me a very solid foundation in marketing. For me, marketing is an essential basis for selling and marketing products these days.

Have you already recommended Inseec to other students?

Oh yes! and on several occasions already. For the moment, the question of my further studies remains vague, I am already focused on the success of my Bachelor’s degree. But if I have to continue, it will be in sales development or marketing. Automatically, later on, I would like to combine these two skills for my future job.

We wish Thomas the best of luck in his studies!

Updated 24 February 2022