Amandine Pauron, in her 3rd year Bachelor’s degree in “Real Estate” : real estate enthusiast !

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For Amandine Pauron, it was not a project she had been planning for a long time to follow the real estate industry.
It is more of a discovery atInseec U in Chambéry. For this student from Grenoble, it is a question of combining a future-oriented field with the need for contact and challenge.

A very broad field, open to the future

Amandine Pauron did not have a clear idea of the path she would take to continue her studies and move towards a professional project, in spite of her permanent need for relationships and challenges. No marketing or pure communication for the 21-year-old student. But rather a rather broad field. A professional branch that would not close any door to him. It is thus the one of the real estate that she pushed, to her great satisfaction.

I think I’ve found my way,” she explains, ” the classes have shown me that I can apply what I’ve been taught in the internship. I’ve found my personality again. There’s not a morning I’m not happy to go to work.”

An enthusiasm that is quite communicative, especially in his internship. This one could well allow him to continue his way to the alternation.

An internship in luxury real estate in Tarentaise

The professional counterpart of the real estate training at Inseec is an internship in an agency that puts the students in a practical situation. For Amandine, it is in Albertville that the training course takes place, in luxury real estate in ski resorts. This is a very popular field for students.

“It’s totally different real estate,” she comments. Cs I am not at all from this milieu, it is a very nice opening on the world which is proposed to us. This opens up new opportunities. In reality, I am more than happy.

All the Tarentaise resorts are his playground. A specificity of the Inseec training which delights Amandine Pauron and encourages her in her projects.

Updated 24 February 2022