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Pauline, a3rd year student, chose to continue her studies atINSEEC Business School. She attempted and passed the INSEEC Evolution 2 competition. She tells us about her experience.

Why did you choose to take this competition?

P. I chose to take theINSEEC Business School competitive entrance exam because this school offers quality training and is increasingly acclaimed for the professional effectiveness of its graduates. It is recognized for its dynamismand its ability to integrate its students into the job market.
In addition, this school offers a work-study program, which would be a plus for me. Indeed, the work-study program allows us to acquire solid professional experience.

Was the level of the competition difficult?

The training offered by theINSEEC Bachelor allows us to be well prepared for the competition. In each test, the subjects taught in my Bachelor’s degree allowed me to succeed. For example, for the group interview, my skills in marketing, finance and negotiation were very useful! The synthesis test was also easier because the different case studies I studied allowed me to gain experience in analysis and writing. Finally, the “Public Speaking” courses were very useful for my individual interview but also to impose myself in the group interview. Obviously, my international background was a big advantage for the written and oral English tests!

How did you prepare for the competition?

As soon as I finalized my application, I started practicing for the different tests.
The INSEEC Evolution 2 exams are the following: Synthesis of documents, Algebraic and logic test, English MCQ, Individual interview, Group interview and Language interview.
L’INSEEC Business School sent us This helped me to anticipate the logic test, which I thought would be the most difficult. I also found some annals on the internet similar to the tests. For the English tests, my international background at school is a daily training !

Updated 24 February 2022