Going abroad: the international opening in London

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Each year, INSEEC Bachelor students have the opportunity to go abroad, starting in their first year.

In the third year, the London campus welcomes students for 5 months (September to January) to follow the specializations in finance or entrepreneurship, management and development, two key sectors in the British capital.

Maxime is currently finishing his 3rd year with a 2-month session in San Francisco before completing his internship. He looks back on the 5 months he spent in London:

“I chose the INSEEC Bachelor above all for the international dimension of the program. The fact that I could take classes in English, and have the opportunity to combine travel and study at the same time, was a chance I did not want to miss. Going abroad during my studies was a very strong desire.

I have a particular attraction for the city of London, both for its multicultural aspect and its proximity to France. I spent 5 months on the INSEEC campus in my 3rd year, which allowed me to take advantage of the many opportunities offered there. First of all, the courses are given by Anglo-Saxon speakers, with more oral presentations, in groups or alone, which is very useful for developing speaking skills and being comfortable expressing oneself in English. The teachers, most of them professionals, brought us their British expertise, which was quite different from what we had seen in Paris. We had the opportunity to meet companies, during visits or conferences, a real plus to consider and find an internship overseas!

Today, I am spending two months in San Francisco, at the INSEEC campus, which opens me to other perspectives. I have an internship in Australia, I want to vary the countries and experiences for my future project.

I can only advise students to take advantage of opportunities to go abroad during their studies at INSEEC Bachelor! It is important to leave your comfort zone to better understand how the world works and to learn about yourself.

London is a great city to live in: cosmopolitan and dynamic, I got to see what life is like in a major international capital!”

Updated 24 February 2022