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Véronique Bayon is a professional development coach. She leads courses to optimize her applications to the different classes of the INSEEC Bachelor program. She also works with students at the incubator to prepare them to pitch their business creation project to investors.

“From the first year, I train students in sales and negotiation techniques. This course will be put into practice very quickly during the sales internship that students do in January.

In the second year, the focus is on applications and job interviews with a module on “communicating and convincing”.

Finally, in the third year, students are coached more globally on the art of convincing: not only in writing (CV, professional email, etc.) but also on their posture, their way of presenting themselves. The objective Make a difference in their future applications.

All my courses are divided into two parts: a theoretical part with the fundamentals, and a practical part with numerous role-playing exercises (negotiation, recruitment, etc.). We try, we train, to be as ready as possible when the time comes.

If I had to summarize the INSEEC Bachelor program in 3 words? Practice, professionalization, and accompaniment/proximity.

Practical because the courses are given by professionals and, as I do myself, are often illustrated with real-life situations.

Professionalization thanks to the numerous internships offered and the possibility of doing a work-study program, which considerably develops the employability of students.

Accompaniment/proximity because it is a school on a human scale, the students are really supervised and benefit from the support of the administrative teams and speakers.

I am proud to accompany these students because I see the end result which is just “wow”! I remember a student who couldn’t find an internship in communications. She had the idea of making an original CV in the form of a comic strip, we reworked the texts together and she finally ended up with several internship proposals.

Mes conseils pour faire la différence sur le marché de l’emploi :

  1. An application and a CV of excellent quality: perfectly suited to the company and the position in question, it must be personalized.
  2. The way you present yourself in the first 20 seconds of the interview: it is essential to take care of your introduction because the first impression often remains.
  3. Make the difference in the interview: be prepared, bring visuals to tell your story, highlight the skills you have developed during your previous experiences.

The choice of a post-baccalaureate education is essential: you have to prepare yourself, think about your expectations, and do your research. The INSEEC Bachelor program offers more than 15 specializations, you have to be difficult not to find your way!

My motto? You reap what you sow. In success there is 95% of work, 4% of luck and 1% of talent. ”

Updated 13 July 2022