Inseec Bachelor Paris wins the Paris-London Challenge!

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The second year Parisian students challenged the London campus students in a futuristic challenge!

What is the Paris-London Challenge?

Last week, students from the London and Paris campuses participated in our second Paris-London Challenge on the theme of “Shape of the future”.

Divided into 12 groups of 10 per campus, our apprentice-consultants were given the task of imagining the evolution of a company and its sector among the 31 proposed. Each team was responsible for :

° Identify market trends

° Identify the latest innovations in the selected sector

Composing a development scenario for 2025

Draft a development scenario for 2040

To establish strategic recommendations for the O.E.C. and the Executive Committee.

To present their vision to the jury, each firm had 7 days and additional instructions, in full English!

New skills developed

Students were able to develop their ability to work as a team and their ability to manage their time (as well as their stress). What’s on the agenda? Brainstorming to imagine the future, market research, writing proposals and finally, presentation of the final project in 10 minutes maximum.

This challenge allows for the application of subjects taught in our bachelors program such as finance, marketing, data analysis, corporate law, and public speaking.

In addition, the various responsibilities assigned allowed students to confirm or clarify their choice of specialization for the third year.

About the winner

The Paris campus was eager to take revenge after the victory of the Londoners in the first edition. After a pitch in front of an English-speaking jury composed of : Li Huibin, Robert Bradford and Thomas Alexander, our INSEEC Bachelor teachers. The Parisian team was able to impose its vision on the future of the music industry within the SONY company.

It is therefore a perfect equality. See you at the next Paris-London Challenge to decide between the two campuses.

Congratulations to the students and teachers for their involvement in this challenge!

Updated 24 February 2022