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Did you know that?

For half a century from 1857, Argentina was one of the preferred destinations for Savoyard immigrants fleeing famine and poverty. Following the revolution of 1810, the government of this empty country sought to populate it with European families. Emissaries were sent to Europe to contact volunteers, who left with their families and who, by contract, received free land allocations (33 hectares of land, 2 horses, 6 head of cattle, seeds for the first year, and a small stipend).The first sea convoy (two months at sea) left with 12 families, followed and joined by many others. These families founded cities such as San José in 1857 and San Carlos a year later, or Villa Elisa in 1890, in the province of Santa Fe.

During her 3rd year of training, Carole was able to spend a university semester in Argentina in an INSEEC partner institution. Passionate about outdoor sports, Carole has always lived between lake and mountain. After her baccalaureate, she decided to join the Bachelor program on the Chambéry campus. At a very young age, she had the chance to travel, first with her parents, then with friends. ” So the travel bug has infected me and I am constantly looking for new international experiences.”

A semester in Argentina

To complete her Bachelor’s degree, she decided to spend a semester at the Universidad del Salvador in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She had already traveled to South America but dreamed of getting to know this huge country in the southern hemisphere.

“The culture shock was really important. It is a real adaptation to a new culture, a language (which has many differences with European Spanish) and a totally different organization. I was very well received and I had the chance to meet people who were so different from me that they allowed me to really reflect on my lifestyle and my beliefs. Outside of class, I had the chance to travel mainly within the country but also to Uruguay, Chile and Brazil.”

Discovering a new educational system

During her college semester, Carole was able to take the following courses:

  • Globalizacion e internacionalizacion: the view of the countries of the South on globalization through the vision of authors,
  • Investigacion de mercados: market investigations. “There was a big 150-page file to turn in in this subject. My topic was the export of wool from Patagonia to Portugal”,
  • Economia internacional: ” This subject was really difficult with very advanced studies and graphics,
  • Relaciones Internacionales,
  • Foreign trade, development and environment: International Trade, Development and Environment. ” Very interesting topic around the main issue: How to try to develop as a country while facilitating development and preserving the environment. ”

“At first, I was quite unsettled by the Argentine educational system: In general, teachers give books of about 150 pages to read in a semester. Each course is based on one or more chapters. So you have to read as you go!”

From this exchange, Carole learned a lot both professionally and personally. ” I really encourage all of you to lead this exceptional international experience!”

Back in France, Carole took the Evolution competitive exam and joined INSEEC Business School in September 2014. She opted for a work-study program in a travel agency. ” So I combine fun, passion and work!

Updated 24 February 2022