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For several years, students in the INSEEC Bachelor program have benefited from the partnership between the school and the NICOLAS brand.

The French wine merchant NICOLAS has once again renewed its confidence in theINSEEC Bachelor. For the past few years, NICOLAS has been recruiting students from the program for a highly formative commercial internship.
During the summer period, the selected students will replace the managers of the company, after a training. They must manage, in complete autonomy, the commercial animation and the management of the store.

Kevin Viehweger, class of 2014, completed this internship during his second year. He tells us about his experience:

“I had heard about the internship at NICOLAS from classmates who had done it the year before. They all advised me to do so because theexperience had been soenriching for them! When the applications opened, I didn’t hesitate for a second and sent my application through the school’s partnership.
The internship itself consisted, after a training period, in taking the responsibility of the manager of a NICOLAS outlet during his absence. In other words, all the tasks usually carried out by the manager were now under my responsibility: financial management, reception and customer service, stock management, product orders, merchandising of shelves and windows…
I chose to do this internship because I felt it was an opportunity to have a real operational approach. This internship is extremely complete and allows you to take on real responsibilities, in total autonomy. Moreover, it corresponded to my professional project since I would like to work in the luxury gastronomy sector.

I advise students to apply to companies that correspond to their career plans! When looking for an internship, it’s important to call on your network (school, acquaintances, previous experience).”

Updated 24 February 2022