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Laurent Pietrocola in front of the Bachelor 1 Sport

On the occasion of their first “Career Conference” of the year, the students of Bachelor 1 Sport of the campus of Chambéry, have exchanged during one afternoon with Laurent Pietrocola, director of the sports marketing agency Media Sport Promotion. A real plus for the promotion, which did not hesitate to ask many questions.

The man has a great background behind him, first from the media (Fun Radio and NRJ) as a commercial.

“I started by going door-to-door on the street to sell commercials.

Laurent Pietrocola quickly took the direction of the world of sports, he the great passionate of rugby, and former player. For more than twenty years now, he has been managing Media Sport Promotion, a sports marketing agency based in Lyon.

“Be curious: get out of your comfort zone, that’s the number one thing I can advise you to do in the sports world.”

First words as an introduction. Then, the manager presented his job and his missions: the regular organization of sports events (golf, tennis) as well as the commercial accompaniment of the sports structures as with the club of Bourgoin in rugby. At LOU RUGBY, one of the agency’s clients, the story has been going on for many years. Laurent Pietrocola and his teams have counted up to ten clubs in commercial management.

Many questions

The students then took the opportunity to ask many questions, operational and concrete: the typical day of a sports marketing agency manager, its customers, product sheets, sales catalogs, etc…

“How do you price your services in sports?”

The professional’s answer: “We obviously look at what is being done elsewhere and we study the market around us.”

Laurent Pietrocola also insisted on the questions of know-how:

“I know that here on campus you are required and advised to dress well. It’s really important to know how to behave. Your customers are going to buy your products but also your smile, your decorum! We need to get back to simpler things.”

In the end, a very concrete afternoon for the students who left satisfied, but above all more focused on a profession, on the business of sports.

Updated 24 February 2022