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In the first year of the Bachelor Sport Campus of Chambéry, the students went behind the scenes of one of the biggest sport organizations in the world:UEFA in Nyon, Switzerland.
A perfect extension of the sports instruction course for the Chamber’s promotion.

The Chambéry campus is ideally positioned in the sports business world.
Only minutes away from outdoor sports, students benefit from an incredible proximity to Switzerland. This is where the headquarters of many major sports organizations are located.
Thus, the students enjoyed an exceptional and privileged visit to UEFA.

This visit fits perfectly with the course on sports institutions,” says Julian Dupraz, Head of the Sports Management program.

Busy program for this day! It will be remembered by the students. Discovery of the building and its organization, of the UEFA foundation, which supports many operations throughout the world.

Cuts, lots of cuts!

After a two-hour drive, the thirty or so students were greeted by personalized badges (protocol obliges!). The students first observed the many cups (Champions League, Europa League) displayed in the trophy room. With a breathtaking view of Lake Geneva!

The UEFA For Children Association

Then, the students followed a particularly interesting presentation on the association “UEFA for children”.
This association, based and installed in the UEFA premises, helps disadvantaged territories and populations through various programs. Creation of a soccer field, organization of sports trips to the greatest soccer stadiums in the world… These are some of the operations organized by the administrative team.

… and continuation of the visit

Afterwards, the Chamber students had the privilege of visiting the institution’s board room, as well as the famous amphitheater that usually hosts the draws for the biggest competitions.

Thank you for this great immersion!” the students said in chorus.

A way, on the field, to better assimilate the theoretical elements seen in class.

And a big thank you to Cyril Pellevat, director of the administration of the foundation, and senator of Haute-Savoie, for the organization of this visit.

Updated 24 February 2022