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Marion, 1st year student of the INSEEC Bachelor, went to our London Campus. She spent 8 weeks in the Marylbone neighborhood, located between Regent’s Park and Oxford Street. It was an opportunity for her to learn while discovering a new culture. She tells us!

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Why didyou choose to go to London?
.: I chose to go to London because it is an attractive city with a very rich culture and an open mind. Moreover, for me, who is passionate about music, London seems to be THE ideal city!
When Ron Morris, director of the London Campus, came to Paris to present the program, I immediately understood that this was an opportunity to be seized. And I can assure you that I have not regretted it!

What are your impressions of the British culture?
I found British culture to be rich and diverse with many cultural places to discover! The English are very open-minded and welcoming. You can’t help but feel good about it!

What is the course like in London? Which course(s) do you enjoy?
The program is very well laid out with several courses based on the city’s assets such as the business district of the City or Shakespeare’s theater.
I particularly enjoyed the ” British Business Practice ” and ” Advertising and Communication” courses. The professors already considered us to be professionals, which was very rewarding because it gave us a concrete idea of what the job market expects.

How did you find accommodation?
To find an accommodation, I went through an agency, LondonHomes, which I don’t particularly recommend.

Which place(s) would you recommend to your classmates?
There are the inevitable places like the British Museum, the Royal Naval College, Westminster Abbey, Trafalgar Square or Nothing Hill. Greenwich Park is a change of scenery! I recommend the Camden Market for bargains and Shoreditch for going out.

What did you gain from this stay?
Adapting and blending into the British culture was a very rewarding experience! The courses are very instructive. And then, I had a good time enjoying my passion thanks to the open stages in London!

Updated 24 February 2022