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After her baccalaureate, Pauline Humez had chosen a law school for the start of the 2014 school year. Unconvinced by the university system, she reoriented herself and joined the INSEEC Bachelor thanks to the possibility of returning in February 2015.

Studying in a business school offers a much better proximity to the professors!

“Before joining the INSEEC Bachelor, I obtained an economic and social baccalaureate that I had prepared at the Sainte-Croix high school in Le Mans. Following my post-bac choices, I obtained a place in the first year of a law degree at the faculty of Bordeaux.

I chose to leave law school primarily because of the number of students: there were 2000 of us in the first year, divided into two large groups of 1000 students. The risk of being drowned in the crowd was great! And then I realized that at the university, probably because of the large number of students, there was no contact with the professors, and this posed a problem for me because for me the proximity with the professors is indispensable and necessary for my success.

After graduating from high school, I was sure I wanted to go into a specialized field such as law. However, after a few months, I realized that I had not yet gained enough maturity and experience to know right away what I wanted to do later. That’s why I chose to reorient myself towards a more generalist branch that offers different subjects such as marketing, communication or finance in order to broaden my knowledge and to be better able to determine what suits my personality, my tastes, and what skills I am best able to develop.

What also immediately attracted me to the INSEEC Bachelor program was the international dimension . Indeed, the school offers many opportunities to study abroad with the international curriculum, in the 2nd year in London or in the 3rd year in another partner university. And then the place given to internships in the curriculum, and the many partnerships set up by the school, reinforced my choice of the school.

A simple and convincing start to February

My integration was very good. The students and I got along very quickly because we had very similar backgrounds. The professors were very pedagogical and accommodating, they gave us time to adapt and assimilate the knowledge necessary to “catch up” with the students who had started the program in September. Classes were held in an accelerated manner and the entire program was covered and acquired.

In my opinion, the “pluses” of a business school lie in the small number of students, which allows for a better understanding and proximity with the professors, and this is partly the key to success. The support and availability of the educational teams are also very important in helping us choose our path. Finally, the internship periods allow you to gain experience and thus be able to move from theory to practice.”

Discover the admission procedure for the staggered start of the academic year (February start of the INSEEC Bachelor program):

Updated 24 February 2022