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Brieuc Lhotellier is now a 2nd year student at the INSEEC Bachelor. Wishing to reorient himself in business school after starting his studies in engineering school, he took advantage of the possibility of a staggered start to the academic year at the INSEEC Bachelor and entered the program in February, directly into the first year. This opportunity allowed him to not lose his year. Testimonial.

What did you do before joining the INSEEC Bachelor?

After a scientific baccalaureate, I went to a school of engineering in aeronautics.

Why did you stop your previous training?

After 3 months in this school, I didn’t feel like I belonged, I wasn’t fulfilled. So I thought about going to business school.

Why go from aeronautics to business school?

When I entered engineering school, I was already planning to specialize and then become a business engineer in aeronautics. However, this possibility is only offered in the 5th year, and the wait until this last year suddenly seemed interminable!

What attracted you to the INSEEC Bachelor program?

During my senior year, I was already interested in the INSEEC Group, but I only knew about the school. Coming from a scientific background, it was my entourage that pushed me to choose an engineering education.

When I felt that I was not on the right track, I did some research so that I could enter a business school during the year. When I discovered that the INSEEC Bachelor offered a February start date, and that this business and management program also prepared for the INSEEC Business School Evolution exam, I was seduced! Because I still plan to be a business engineer in aeronautics, and INSEEC Business School offers a Master’s degree specialized in aeronautics.

On the other hand, the international opening of the INSEEC Bachelor from the beginning of the program, the courses offered throughout the 3 years of the program, and the interactive pedagogy put into practice by the school seemed to me to be very adapted to my objective.

Accounting, economics, geopolitics… seminars, business games, group work… I was attracted to the idea of acquiring fundamental knowledge on international business practices, especially since many nationalities are mixed at the school, as I have noticed since my integration!

How did your integration go?

I quickly felt at home at INSEEC Bachelor. The beginning of the school year in February is gradual, the cohesion between the new students is quickly established, and then all the first-year students attend a one-week professional seminar, which allows those who entered in February to meet the students who entered in September. This week was an opportunity for me to integrate. I was finally fulfilled, the professors (for the most part professionals from the world of commerce) are open and attentive, they accompany us and allow us to be very quickly at ease in this new course of study.

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Updated 24 February 2022