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The “American way of life” at Emory University

Antoine and Ibrahima, 3rd year students, are doing their second semester of “Study Abroad” in the United States, at Emory University, in Atlanta.

Tell us about your departure and your experience there

At first, we were both sad to leave our respective families and excited to go to the United States, to have the chance to study at one of the most prestigious universities in the country.

During our first days here, we quickly noticed that the Americans were welcoming and open. Despite the recent political elections, there is still a very good “climate” here.

We adapted very quickly to the rhythm of life and we really live the American way, the complete dream!

What are the main differences with school, classes and life in France?

Let’s just say that in France, despite the seminars and the various internships, there is a lot more theory; whereas here in the United States, and more specifically at Emory, everything is much more functional and practical. We are fortunate to have classes and work with Coca-Cola and Popeyes on their next marketing campaign with a budget of 20 million dollars allocated to us for this. It really takes a lot of time and investment, but it’s also an exciting project. This will be counted as our 4 month internship.

We also have a course, Sports Marketing, which gives us the opportunity to continually work with Atlanta’s largest sports organizations (the Hawks, Braves, Falcons and United FC).

Finally, the biggest difference between France and the United States: here, everything goes very fast and there are many opportunities to be seized if you give yourself the means.

Describe the university to us

Emory is a great American university! It is ranked 20th in the country and within it there are several sections (Law, Sciences, Medicine, etc). We are in the “Business School, Emory – Goizueta Business School” section.

The campus is truly E-N-O-R-M-E! It has everything you need: several canteens, several large libraries, very large classrooms, large green spaces, several playgrounds, a store with all the Emory merchandise and a very large sports complex.

Everything is really like in the movies… only better!

What advice would you give to students who are hesitant to go abroad?

Do not hesitate to leave! We must seize the opportunities that may arise. Going abroad allows us to learn a lot about ourselves, to discover new cultures, new people, new ways of learning.

Updated 24 February 2022