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After graduating from high school and now in her Bachelor’s degree, Candice first decided to study law and completed her first year. She then reoriented herself towards the Bachelor’s degree offered byInseec U. Campus Chambéry with the idea of opting for a school more in line with the professional world.

Stimulating courses, passionate speakers, eager to transmit their knowledge: this is undeniably the added value of the school!
Their in-depth knowledge of the company provides concrete tools to be used directly in internships and tutorials. Group activities are strongly encouraged in the Inseec U. curriculum, as they build team spirit and entrepreneurship!

During her first year of Bachelor, Candice did a sales internship in a jewelry store. A great experience and an appreciated first contact with the clientele and the requirements of the luxury world, which the students in the Master’s degree in Luxury will tell you! – has its own codes!

Bachelor’s degree and a penchant for numbers

“What’s good about the Bachelor’s program is that you can take the time to find your bearings. The numerous internships allow us to understand different sectors of activity in order to choose the one that will determine our choice of specialization in the third year, our future studies and our professional project”, explains Candice.

During her second internship at the Crédit Agricole des Savoie, Candice was able to put her knowledge in financial analysis, portfolio management, balance sheet entry, etc…

As she enters her second year, she seems to have an appetite for finance, but she still has a year of learning the fundamentals to confirm this interest and, if all goes as well as it did in her first year, a report card, “continue my studies until I get my Master’s degree so I have the opportunity to experience all facets of the financial world!”

We wish Candice all the best!

Updated 24 February 2022