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Joy, a3rd year student, has decided to do a Study Abroad This is a semester of exchange in one of the partner universities of the school and the INSEEC Group. Currently at Tulane University in New Orleans since the beginning of the semester, she tells us about her experience:

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Why did you choose to do a Study Abroad?
J.: I chose to do a Study Abroad to discover a new country, a new culture but also to improve my English level and to discover the American university system.

What were your impressions of New Orleans?
It is a very unusual city compared to the rest of the United States! When you think of going there, it is not the first destination you think of. Yet it is an incredible city, multicultural and very welcoming! People are very friendly and never hesitate to help us.

What is campus life like?
The campus isAMAZING! You can find everything a student needs. There is a huge sports complex, several libraries, classrooms equipped with the latest technology, a huge and modern student center but also large green spaces, an outdoor swimming pool to relax after classes or a postal service!
The administration is very efficient: it answers all our questions very quickly. They never hesitate to help and respond to us to make our lives easier. Tulane is a true haven of peace. This is a university that does everything possible to make students feel at home!

How did you fit in?
The integration to the school was quite easy because the teachers are very welcoming!
As far as integration with other foreign students is concerned, it was quite easy because we had created a Facebook group to get to know each other.

How did you find accommodation on site?
Although we had done some research for accommodation before leaving, it was on the spot, thanks to the administration, that we found our accommodation. It only took us two days to visit and sign the contract. It was quite effective!

Updated 24 February 2022