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Attracted by business management and finance, which he describes as “the language of business”, Rudolph Rosenberg is today the administrative director of Meilleure Gestion, a company specializing in payroll management for companies with 50 to 3,000 employees, which employs no less than 150 people. He looks back on his journey from his graduation at INSEEC to his current projects, a success story made possible thanks to the skills he acquired during his studies.

Numbers, a language to master

“It’s in the numbers that everything comes together and it’s through the numbers that you understand what makes the business tick. It seemed obvious to me to start by learning to master this language [Rudolph a suivi notre programme en s’orientant vers une dominante « finance »]. Today my missions as CFO are very varied and cover subjects such as accounting, financial analysis, cash management but also strategy!
In parallel, I have other projects such as the publication of my finance courses. This is a wonderful project that has allowed me to train more than 35,000 people in financial analysis, in 120 countries. I am also the head of two companies in France and in the USA dedicated to financial consulting and support for entrepreneurs. This last activity is particularly dear to my heart because I believe that there is real courage in launching an entrepreneurial venture.

Versatility as a quality

For Rudolph, there is no ideal path, but it is necessary to spend the first few years of one’s career developing various skills. “In my industry, there is no need to specialize too quickly! There are two reasons for this: 1. you can’t know what you like without having tried several fields. 2. Each new experience is a new string to your bow. It is these experiences that allow you to reach the highest positions.”
Finally, the last major asset to stand out from the rest: attitude! It is this ” ability to demonstrate to a recruiter that you are motivated, hard-working and prepared ” that makes all the difference during an interview.

Rudolph has fond memories of his time at INSEEC. What he remembers: the support of his teachers and the availability of the teaching staff. “Their help didn’t stop when I was in college…some of them knew how to be there to advise me even during my career!”

Updated 24 February 2022