The INSEEC Bachelor opens its doors to apprenticeship contracts!

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The apprenticeship contract becomes for 2019 the new form of contract possible for our 3rd years of Bachelor. The apprenticeship contract offers alternating training in a company, in addition to the professionalization contract and the internship, already offered in our 5 establishments.

The apprenticeship contract: a win/win strategy

This alternation, under the responsibility of a tutor in the company and a referent in the training center, allows an immediate application of theoretical and practical knowledge through professional teaching.

The apprentice becomes an employee like any other. In this respect, it benefits from the same rights and is subject to the same obligations.

Our strategic intent is based on a win/win collaboration:

  • For students, these are the professions of the future for which companies are ready to invest time and resources.
  • For employers, finding profiles trained in the specificities of their business and their market.

Most of our3rd year programs are eligible for an apprenticeship contract, an internship or a professionalization contract. Different types of rhythms are proposed, they vary according to the Campus (Lyon, Paris, Bordeaux and Chambéry). For more information on the schedule, please contact the admissions department of the city of your choice directly.

Benefits of work-study:

I am a student:

  • Remuneration during training
  • Have tuition fees covered
  • Learn a trade on the job
  • Combining theory and practice
  • Accompaniment by a professional
  • Be more competitive in the job market
  • Facilitating professional integration

I am an employer:

  • A recruitment solution adapted to your needs
  • Train a future employee, make him/her adhere to the company’s culture
  • Stimulate a new dynamic in the teams
  • Control of salary costs (level of remuneration of the student)
  • Develop your employer brand
  • The benefit of specific aids and exemptions
  • Interact with the school (tutor meeting, workshop, seminar, jobdating, afterwork…)

Companies, send us your work-study offers:

Bordeaux campus, HERE

Lyon campus, HERE

Paris Campus, HERE

The main terms of an Apprenticeship Contract

Remuneration of apprentices

The apprentice’s remuneration varies according to his or her age; in addition, his or her remuneration increases with each new year of the contract. The minimum wage received by the apprentice corresponds to a percentage of the Smic or the SMC (conventional minimum wage for the job held) for those aged 21 and over.

*Base SMIC monthly on January 1, 2019: 1521.22 €.

Taking charge of the training

For private sector companies, the OPCOs cover the cost of the training “under contract”. Public sector employers fund their contracts from the training budget of each public administration.

Funding, the level of which is determined by the branch agreements (after recommendations from France Compétences, if necessary), paid by the OPCO on which the apprentice’s employer depends.

More information on apprenticeship: here

Finding a company for work-study

The CAREER CENTER service on each campus provides students with support in their search for a company.

  • Coaching workshop (CV, interview simulation…)
  • Job Dating
  • Personalized follow-up
  • Facebook support group
  • Putting job offers on line
  • Sending an application…

The whole team is mobilized and puts in place essential actions to allow students to find a contract for the new school year. A validated promise of employment allows the student to finalize his or her registration and not pay any registration fees.

Updated 24 February 2022