How do I get into a marketing school?

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Today, many graduates are looking to specialize in marketing. Indeed, the sector is booming and has many opportunities, companies are actively recruiting. Wondering how to get into a marketing school? The competition is tough and there are many choices of courses to choose from. Here’s what you need to know to get into the best marketing schools.

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Why would you want to go to marketing school?

Marketing studies are among the most sought-after degrees in the working world. Marketing schools offer very interesting courses. Moreover, they are accessible to everyone, regardless of their educational background.

In addition, the trainings are mainly access on practical trainings. Entering a business school means having access to an extremely competitive job market and is a sure way to prepare for your professional future.

What are the courses in marketing school?

Courses in marketing school are primarily focused on mastering marketing. They allow students to understand how companies operate, to learn about sales methods and the evolution of the business environment. The teaching is done mainly through lectures and practical courses; students can also do internships in companies or participate in end-of-studies projects.

The business school gives the specific knowledge of marketing decision making, namely how to design products and their targets. In addition, the business school trains students in the psychological aspects of consumers. Finally, the business school teaches marketing evaluation methods, such as the marketing mix.

How do I get into a marketing school after high school?

Graduates of the Bac can enter a marketing school. Indeed, the different diplomas that allow you to enter a business school are the Bac pro Commerce, the Bac pro marketing, the Bac pro Communication and the Bac generalist.

The Bac pro Commerce is a professional Bac that allows entry into business school. It allows students to acquire professional skills in the field of sales and business management. Students learn to develop sales strategies, manage business operations, and develop customer relationships. The bac pro commerce gives students the skills needed to work in a variety of commercial sectors, such as sales, management, international trade and marketing. In this sense, once you have obtained your baccalaureate, you can send your application via PARCOURSUP to a school of your choice for pre-selection. Once your application is validated, you must take an entrance exam.

The Generalist Bac is a generalist education with a choice of specializations. To integrate a marketing training program, the recommended specializations are: mathematics, law and major issues of the contemporary world and economic and social sciences.

Why choose INSEEC as a school to study marketing?

Marketing is a fascinating field that requires specialized knowledge to succeed in a business. INSEEC offers various training courses that will allow you to better understand the stakes in this field and to validate your knowledge through several diplomas. This is very advantageous for your professional future.

In addition to being a business school, INSEEC offers training in marketing and communication. The school also trains students in communication and sales promotion.

At INSEEC, you have the possibility to follow BTS, Bachelors, BBA, MSc, MBA or Grande Ecole programs in marketing. Our courses prepare you for the following professions

  • marketing communication manager ;
  • operational marketing manager ;
  • communication officer ;
  • product manager ;
  • marketing project manager ;
  • marketing researcher ;
  • e marketing or web marketing manager ;
  • digital marketing manager.

What is the admission procedure to enter INSEEC and study marketing?

To enter INSEEC and study marketing, you must pass an individual motivation interview . To do so, you must send your application online. Once your file is validated, you will receive a message stating that you are eligible. You will then be contacted for an interview test. But if you are in your final year of high school and you want to integrate INSEEC, you must go through ParcourSup.

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Updated 13 July 2023