INSEEC’s BTS program

This programme is accessible after the Baccalauréat (any subject) and is offered on a sandwich course basis (apprenticeship contract) only. It is divided into four specialised courses.

  • post-highschool or 2nd year undergraduate
  • 100% work-study
  • Title RNCP level 5
  • 98%Student satisfaction rate
  • 480Professional partners

Strong points

What are the advantages of the BTS program?

A post-highschool program

The INSEEC BTS program aims to combine specialization and professionalization in a 2-year program. This program is accessible after the Baccalaureate (any field) and is offered in alternating training (apprenticeship contract) only.

Joining INSEEC’s BTS gives you the chance to learn a speciality in two years, while putting the concepts taught into practice directly through an apprenticeship contract with a company.

An experience that leads to a career

The INSEEC BTS program is designed to prepare students for rapid integration into the professional world by providing them with solid, practical training. With an emphasis on work-study, students have the opportunity to directly apply the skills and knowledge acquired in the classroom in a professional environment.

Our program aims to train versatile, competent professionals ready to meet the needs of today’s businesses, while offering exciting career opportunities in a variety of sectors.

A solid network for entering the professional world

INSEEC BTS is a program of INSEEC, part of the Omnes Education group. From the registration phase onwards, our teams will help students to secure an apprenticeship contract by activating the INSEEC network of partner companies. Throughout the curriculum, our aim is to place the student and his or her motivations at the heart of our teaching methods.

A training course leading to a degree

Support and professionalization are at the heart of our programs so that the student can realize his or her project. Our teaching teams, lecturers and professors are made up of professionals from the teaching profession, as well as from the sectors in which each course is offered. The courses offered by INSEEC BTS provide all the knowledge and skills needed for rapid integration into the job market.


What specializations does the BTS program offer?

Find out more about INSEEC BTS with Samuel LÉGER, Development Director


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Professional experience.

How to apply to the INSEEC BTS program?

Is it possible to do a sandwich course at INSEEC BTS?

INSEEC BTS courses can only be taken on a work-study basis (apprenticeship contract), so don’t worry about your work-study search: our teams will give you every chance of finding the contract that’s right for you. Once you’ve passed the admissions phase, you’ll have access to coaching sessions to help you prepare, organize and optimize your search.What’s more, our teams will also be able to help you benefit from the offers communicated by our network of corporate partners.

Find out more on the work-study page.

Are all profiles eligible for work-study contracts?

All French and national profiles are eligible for work-study courses. But that doesn’t mean that everyone can find a work-study program… A work-study student is paid every month by the company, which represents a considerable expense for the company, and the company is right to expect a certain level of return. Students who have had some initial professional experience through odd jobs or internships will therefore be more likely to be hired than those who have never worked.

Can the school help me find a work-study program?

To help you in your job search, the school provides a number of services and coaching tools, including the NEMO platform. It lists all vacancies offered by INSEEC’s partner companies, and enables you to apply for vacancies, track your applications or take part in coaching workshops.

On NEMO, you’ll also find offers for internships, VIE and first jobs.


How to apply to the INSEEC BTS program?

  • 1st year of BTS | Bac+1
    Admission to 1st year is open to students in their final year of high school and those who have already passed the Baccalauréat.
  • 2nd year of BTS | Bac+2
    Admission to 2nd year is open to students who have validated or are in the process of validating a 1st year BTS in the same specialization as the one they are aiming for, on and off Parcoursup.

Steps in the application process

  1. Application form
  2. Interviews
  3. Admission
  4. Registration

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The INSEEC BTS programme is designed to prepare students to enter the professional world quickly by providing them with solid, practical training.

Marion FABRE

Director of INSEEC BTS


What diplomas does INSEEC’s BTS training prepare students for?

INSEEC BTS programs aim to prepare our students for the Brevet de Technicien Supérieur exam, which leads to a diploma issued by the Ministry of Higher Education and Research.

These diplomas are registered by right in the Répertoire National des Certifications Professionnelles and deliver a level 5 professional title (EU).
Find here the list of our RNCP titles and Qualiopi certification.


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What are the eligibility requirements for the INSEEC BTS?

Admissions are for the first year only and candidates must hold a Baccalaureate (all streams).

How do I apply for the INSEEC BTS program?

The application is made online on our website, it is detailed on our admissions page.

Updated 17 May 2024