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Marketing is one of the 10 specializations at INSEEC.

Marketing professionals analyze consumer habits and develop strategies to attract and retain customers.

Find the most frequently encountered jobs:

Operational Marketing Manager

The operational marketing manager is responsible for implementing the company’s e-marketing and multi-channel strategy and for ensuring the operational follow-up of projects. He thus contributes to the optimization, the development of sales and the profitability of his company.

What are the missions of an operational marketing manager?

The operational marketing manager establishes, with the strategic marketing department, the marketing mix strategy on all online and offline channels, chooses the communication vectors adapted to the product launch, builds the operational marketing plan and defines the positioning of the offers on the market.
He/she manages the commercial communication plan and acts as a sales consultant for the sales staff.
He orchestrates and develops operational marketing tools and measures the impact and effectiveness of the resources deployed.
He conducts technological and strategic intelligence in order to follow the evolution of consumer behavior on the web.
He manages external partnerships and negotiates contracts.

What are the skills of an operational marketing manager?

The operational marketing manager masters direct marketing techniques and 2.0 marketing tools (emailing manager, blogs, CRM) and knows how to develop a marketing action plan.
He knows how to manage non-media communication: sponsoring, sales promotion, press relations, publications, trade shows.
He/she has a strong taste for digital and social tools and devices and has managerial skills in leading teams.
He has an excellent written expression to write sales pitches.
Finally, he/she has an excellent capacity for analysis and synthesis in order to interpret the results, structure the strategy and the different aspects of the marketing plan.

Merchandising Manager

The merchandising manager defines and manages the implementation of the brand’s visual identity and product presentation policy, with the aim of optimising sales. Together with his team, he designs and organizes attractive displays in the stores.

What are the missions of a merchandising manager?

The merchandising manager designs the merchandising strategy and policy, analyses customer consumption patterns and sales volumes, monitors the competition, defines the main principles of visual identity and draws up an overall development plan.
He/she will develop and refine the development plan into merchandising actions for each product range in collaboration with the category managers, validate the POS and POP displays, manage the test phases and ensure that deadlines and budgets are respected.
He manages the merchandising team and monitors merchandising activity indicators.

What are the skills of a merchandising manager?

He has a very good knowledge of the company’s products and strategic objectives. He/she is capable of managing and monitoring studies carried out by service providers (designers, marketing consultants) and has a good understanding of the merchandising strategies of competitors.
He acts with rigour and method in the conduct of a project. He demonstrates creativity and an ability to innovate, in order to design product displays that will encourage purchases.
He/she has a good sense of argumentation and an ability to present and defend a project in front of the general management.

Media Planner

The media planner intervenes before the launch of communication campaigns, in the creation of media plans. Based on quantitative and qualitative studies, he or she selects the media (off-line, on-line) that will enable the client target defined by the advertiser to be reached.

What are the missions of a media planner?

In order to formalize a media plan, the media planner must understand the advertiser’s communication strategy, identify its issues and study the product positioning, analyze the competitive environment and identify the type of customers targeted by the advertiser (SPC, gender, age, geographic location, lifestyle).
It defines the quantitative and qualitative criteria for studying the future results of the study, determines the media (TV, press, radio, poster, Internet, mobile) to be included in the scope of the study, estimates the possible return on investment per medium and proposes a selection of communication products.
It analyzes the impact of the media plan and proposes changes to the initial communication objectives.

What are the skills of a media planner?

The media planner has a taste for figures, in order to be able to read a panel and measure the return on investment of a media operation. He/she masters the statistical techniques and tools specific to the media and the media planning profession.
He is a good writer, developing numerous presentations of arguments and reports on media campaigns.
He has a marketing and commercial sensibility, as all recommendations produced have sales and brand image purposes.
They are critical thinkers, independent and have a taste for investigation.

Event Project Manager

The event project manager organizes all types of events, according to the wishes of his or her clients. Much more than a team leader and organizer, he puts his imagination and creativity to work for his clients’ communication needs. Flexibility, availability and composure are the key words of this conductor.

What are the missions of an event project manager?

The events project manager is the conductor of all the events and activities that his or her clients wish to organize. Colloquiums, conferences, conventions, inaugurations, sports events, he is in charge of designing the event, managing the logistics and coordinating the implementation of these events on behalf of his clients. According to the specifications established by the companies for which he works, he stages the image and objectives of his clients through an original concept that he determines beforehand.
He leads meetings with his clients, establishes the specifications, proposes means and tools to implement the event, coordinates the implementation of the project, proposes a communication plan and ensures the management of the event on the ground.

What are the skills of an event project manager?

The event project manager must be creative in his event offers. He must be organized and responsive. The unexpected is always a possibility. Coolness, patience and good resistance to stress are the key words.
He masters event techniques and communication strategies.
He is able to work together with his own team and various service providers.
His rigor allows him to organize events that meet the expectations of his clients.
His authority and his ability to be listened to enable him to manage his duties as team leader in the best possible way.

Marketing Product Manager

The product marketing manager in the healthcare industries develops and implements the marketing strategy to support the commercial performance of their products. It manages the life of a product, from its design to its distribution, by being the interface with all the services.

What are the missions of a marketing product manager?

The marketing product manager monitors the economy, technology and regulations to keep abreast of new developments and market trends.
He designs market research and product tests, determines procedures and analyses the information gathered in order to identify the characteristics of a market in terms of opportunities/threats, strengths/weaknesses.
He/she develops sales forecasts, defines and adjusts the positioning of products on the market, defines the communication strategy that accompanies the product and coordinates the creation of packaging elements.
Finally, he/she is in charge of the product launch, coordinates all the departments and service providers involved in its development, implements the marketing action plan and monitors sales.

What are the skills of a marketing product manager?

The marketing product manager has a solid knowledge of the elements of the marketing mix: price, product, promotion, distribution as well as statistical tools.
He masters the global and regulatory environment of his sector of activity.
He has a good understanding of the major market trends.
He is fluent in English.
He/she is a team player, a resourceful and creative person.

Marketing Project Manager

The marketing project manager defines and implements a marketing strategy for all the company’s products.

What are the missions of a marketing project manager?

His main activity will be to define the commercial and marketing strategy of the company. This analysis should also allow to find opportunities to exploit and to know the competition.
He will also have to develop a marketing plan through research. Finally, on a daily basis, he/she will have to manage his/her team and determine the strategic and communication means to be implemented.

What are the skills of a marketing project manager?

A perfect command of marketing and computer tools is required. As a marketing project manager, you must also have :
– Analytical and synthesis skills.
– Financial and legal skills.
– Ability to listen and observe.
– Negotiation skills.

With a good sense of observation and analysis, the marketing manager is able to determine changes in consumption patterns.
With a good sense of teamwork, he must know how to motivate all his collaborators to achieve a common goal.
His interpersonal skills must enable him to get his team members to adhere to his ideas and convictions. He also knows how to be autonomous in studying the budget required for each project.

Marketing research manager

A marketing researcher collects, exploits and analyzes all the qualitative and quantitative data of a market and contributes to orienting the company’s strategic decisions, particularly marketing decisions.

What are the missions of a marketing researcher?

Its main activity is the centralization of the company’s needs in terms of marketing and commercial visibility.
He will also have to develop a marketing plan through research. Finally, on a day-to-day basis, he/she will have to manage his/her team and determine the strategic and communication means to be put in place as well as the implementation of the means to obtain information and monitor the company’s performance.

What are the skills of a marketing researcher?

Solid knowledge of statistical modeling techniques: cross-tabulations, typologies, scoring.
Mastery of specific computer tools related to databases, statistical processing software, presentation of results: Excel, Access, Spad, SPSS, PowerPoint…
Mastery of interview techniques: group interview, face-to-face interview, observation

Brand Manager

The brand manager manages and develops the reputation of one or more brands on all media (on/offline). It ensures that the brand is consistent with the company’s overall media strategy.

What are the missions of a brand manager?

Competitive intelligence and market analysis Definition of a brand development strategy.
Implementation of marketing actions and management of the budget and monitoring of indicators.
Creation of brand identity and promotional content / Storytelling.
Animation of the website dedicated to the brand, management of communities on social networks. Development of sponsorship actions.

What are the skills of a brand manager?

Good knowledge of different marketing research techniques.
Knowledge of media plans, media buying channels, creative tools on the Web.
Good knowledge of social media, monitoring tools and e-reputation management.
Knowledge of SEO and traffic analysis tools.
Writing and communication skills, creativity.
Strength of decision and conviction.

Category Manager

The category manager is responsible for developing the turnover and profitability of one or more product ranges. He defines the assortments, ensures their visibility and coordinates their implementation in the store.

What are the missions of a category manager?

Definition of the product offer: positioning analysis, competitive intelligence, development of the sales plan.
Animation of the product offer (in collaboration with product managers and sales locations).
Management and monitoring of the performance of the product offer (budget, reporting).

What are the skills of a category manager?

Good knowledge of the company’s sales and marketing policy.
Excellent knowledge of the product line (or universe).
Knowledge of computer tools such as spreadsheets (Excel) or databases.
Ability to manage a project with various stakeholders.
Ability to visualise and realise the presentation and enhancement of assortments.

Marketing Director

The marketing director’s mission is to design, implement and lead the company’s marketing policy in line with the company’s general strategy.

What are the missions of a marketing director?

Design and formalization of the marketing strategy in line with the general strategy of the company.
Definition of the marketing plan, support in its implementation and monitoring of its execution
Definition of the budget and verification of its proper distribution.
Organize the department into services and set up n-1 levels.

What are the skills of a marketing director?

Extensive marketing skills and good knowledge of the business sector and the production process of the good or service.
Experience in the environment of service providers and their consultation methods (competitions, calls for tender).
Budget management.
Management, natural leadership and authority skills.

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