Which branch to make HR?

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Are you interested in careers in resources? Knowing how to manage, coordinate and make decisions within the company requires appropriate training. Indeed, you have to carry out the strategies and the internal policy of the company to evolve as HR. You should know that universities and management schools offer courses of study and diplomas adapted to work in the HR department. Which course of study to do HR?

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What is the HR field?

Participating in the HR transformation underway and redrawing the contours of tomorrow, attracting new talent, developing transversality and digitalization, managing new work organizations, developing an employer brand while continuing its operational functions, these are the new challenges of the HR and health function.

The jobs within the HR department are important positions within a company. As a human resources manager, you have to be attentive to the expectations of your staff. On the one hand, you have to master accounting, social law, management, negotiation and communication. The profession requires skills and qualities that match the company’s values.

In fact, the missions assigned to HR require a certain professionalism, as they are directly linked to the development of the personnel and the competitiveness of the company. Positions are linked to the completion of agraduate degree in human resources, management or labour law.

What are the short courses in HR?

Joining the HR department of a company is possible with a Bac + 2 or Bac + 3. Indeed, a bachelor’s degree holder can take a short course in HR and then begin a professional career in the field.

Universities and management schools offer a short course of study after the baccalauréat. Students can choose from the following courses and degrees:

  • a Bac + 2, a BTS or a DUT in human resources, at the university or at a private institution. You will learn the essential subjects for the management of human resources within a company. After 2 years of study, you master all the techniques and methodologies to assume the functions of a manager or an HR assistant;

After the BTS, you have access to a more complete training to manage the personnel of a company. In 3 years of learning, you will be able to master the tools and concepts for human resources management. Once you have graduated, you can continue with a Master’s degree in HR if you are interested in further study.

What are the long courses in HR?

If you are considering a position of responsibility in the HR department of a company, a long training in HR is essential.

To obtain a master’s degree, a Bac + 5 in human resources, universities and colleges offer long courses. Accessible after the baccalaureate, a baccalaureate + 2, a baccalaureate + 3 or a M1, you can start :

  • a BBA, a 4-year program, leading to an M 1 degree in human resources;
  • a master’s degree in human resources, the admission level requires a general or professional license at the LPN
  • a MSc in Human Resources at INSEEC, you can access this program with a bachelor’s degree in management, labor law or human resources. Or an MSc Talent Management and social innovation.

a Grande Ecole program with a major in HR.

What is a work-study HR program?

You should know that all of these HR training programs can be done on an initial or alternating basis. For some programs, only certain years are eligible for work-study programs (more information on the dedicated program pages).

This type of apprenticeship consists of alternating between the academic and professional worlds. The study costs are covered by the OPCO and the company, the learner is paid and can immerse himself in the company environment.

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Where to get HR training?

After the baccalaureate, you can do a training in HR:

  • At the university, after a core curriculum and a degree in HR, management or labor law, you can pursue a master’s degree in human resources;

at schools specializing in management and business, such as INSEEC. The establishment offers training courses at the baccalaureate + 2, baccalaureate + 3 and baccalaureate + 5 levels. Among the programs offered by the school, there are specializations in management, administration or health.

What are the opportunities for HR training?

Recruiters are on the lookout for new graduates right out of school. Companies are looking for new talent to boost their competitiveness.

  • If you have a BTS or a DUT in human resources, you have the skills to become an HR manager or assistant;
  • With a professional degree in HR, you will be able to assume the position of HR manager or manager in a company. Your mission will be proportional to the size and capacity of the company’s staff;
  • With a Bac +5, a master or an MBA in HR, you will be able to consider positions of high responsibility such as human resources manager or director of human resources.

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Updated 13 July 2023