INSEEC Grande Ecole in the 2022 ranking of “post-prepa” business schools by L’Étudiant

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Like every year, L’Etudiant publishes its ranking of the Grandes Ecoles de Commerce(available here) to help students in preparatory classes make a choice based on the criteria that are important to them.

> What about INSEEC Grande Ecole?

INSEEC Grande Ecole is proud to be ranked 18th in this year’s ranking of post-prep business schools.

> The strengths of INSEEC Grande Ecole :

First, it is our openness to the world that is highlighted in the rankings:

  • Our multiple campuses in France and abroad, with three campuses in France in Paris, Lyon and Bordeaux. During their studies, our students have the opportunity to move from one campus to another.
  • INSEEC GE also has two international locations: one in London and the other in San Francisco.

Thus, INSEEC Grande Ecole favors experiences abroad with two compulsory months on the London campus in the third year (Licence 3) or a semester in one of our partner universities in the first year of the Master’s program (Master 1).

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Updated 24 February 2022