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Loan Lefebvre – a student in MSc 1 Sport Management at INSEEC in Paris – is this year on an apprenticeship contract with the association “Ocean Heart”. He reveals us today his missions within the project of Fabien Leroux.

It is an unusual adventure that the swimmer from Guérande has embarked on: “to swim across the Atlantic solo and without assistance in less than 50 days “. Loan Lefebvre, who accompanied him, said:” it is a journey of 3,913 kilometers that awaits him. The departure will take place in December 2022 from Cape Verde to arrive at the island of Barbados.

To help him during this journey, Fabien will be accompanied by a ” raftspecially made for the crossing. “This tool is 4 meters long and 2 meters wide will drift thanks to two wind turbines placed at the back on which rudders will be installed. “This will allow him “to have electricity but also to stay on course since they will be plugged in and connected to an electronic GPS.”

Fabien Leroux is in charge of sports performance, while Loan is in charge of marketing, communication and sponsoring; finding the best possible sponsors for the event. He describes the different stages of the construction of this project: ” This is the first part of the project, which consists of drawing up a retroplanning and a complete business plan. We will then be able to launch the creation of the website which will be the main showcase of the crossing. I will also be in charge of creating the social networks and thinking about the ideal content. “The goal is to collaborate with eco-responsible companies, sensitive and committed to the cause of sustainable development.


An awareness objective

The long-awaited departure can then take place: ” The crossing will last about 50 days during which we will communicate daily, there will obviously be a lot of work to do once we reach the arrival point. “Apart from the sporting feat, this project aims to ” awareness and education of the general public concerning the pollution of the aquatic environment. “explains Loan. The communication will therefore be centered around this subject and mainly the number 30: ” within 30 years, there will be no fish and cetaceans left in the aquatic environment because of plastic pollution. “A book will then be published to tell the story of ” this incredible adventure ” and continue to raise awareness among the general public.

A life-size project, very formative for our student, passionate and exciting.

Updated 24 February 2022