Thibaut Passet, in MSc 1 Digital Marketing and working in a luxury hotel in Chambéry

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Student in MSc 1 Digital Marketing on the campus of Chambéry, Thibaut Passet is doing his work-study in parallel in the hotel des Princes in Chambéry. Between missions of Community management and Brand content, this native of Savoy tells us about his career. And draws some perspectives.

Holder of a Bac STMG, computer science option, ” because I wanted to start knowing how to make websites. “, Thibaut then pursued by two years of preparatory school in Grenoble. Before joining Inseec U. Chambéry to complete a Bachelor 3, Marketing and Sales. The prize at  is a six-month internship at Madame Vacances, as a webmarketer.

” It allowed me to do analysis and touch on community management. This is how I wanted to continue with an MSc 1 Digital Marketing. ”

Aged 21, the student went on to obtain a BAC+4, still in the same field. While applying on a daily basis what he sees in class, under the supervision of Frédéric Bescond, during his work-study at the Hotel des Princes in Chambéry.

” The school provides me with all the necessary tools for a good professional integration. Everything I see in school, I automatically apply in business , analyzes this enthusiast of new technologies and especially of Apple products.

On all social networks

During his work-study program, he held the position of Community Manager in charge of the hotel’s digital communication.

” I manage all things social media for our hotel : Facebook, Instagram and more. We will soon be putting in place promotional offers. I also respond to the various reviews of our customers on platforms like Booking and Tripadvisor. Eventually, I will also take over the site to offer new elements to our customers.

In the future, Thibaut sees himself continuing in a similar position in the hotel industry. Or within a larger structure.

” But doing Community Management is really what I enjoy!”

Updated 24 February 2022