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Photo credit: Sébastien Grasset

Graduating from the MSc 2 Marketing & Development obtained at CESNI on the campus of Chambéry in 2019, Edouard Choquet remains well established on the professional basketball floors where he plays in a ProB club.
In parallel, he launched Quan Sports. An agency that aims to accompany sports professionals in all their components. He introduces us and opens the doors to his entrepreneurial success.

For 14 years now, he has been a professional basketball player. While thinking, for a long time also, about his reconversion and his post-career.

” I quickly considered the post-career. So, I attended a lot of seminars and trainings, especially abroad. They allowed me to obtain a bachelor’s degree. When I returned to France, I joined CESNI for an online training course that was totally adapted to what I was looking for, presents Edouard, very busy with basketball. He didn’t necessarily have time to go to school every day on campus.

” I really appreciated the very structured follow-up offered by Stéphanie Vallet in particular. This training gave me credibility to my thinking, as I had always wanted to start an entrepreneurial venture, says the basketball player.

Graduating in 2019, he decided to go for it. He then created Quan Sports, an agency aiming to support sports professionals on several aspects.

Already interested customers

While COVID has slowed down several areas of activity, Edouard has taken the opportunity to put his heart into the project.
The agency is now 8 months old and puts athletes in touch with a whole panel of high-level experts in mental preparation, performance, communication, dietetics… and many other things !

” I try to offer athletes everything that their clubs or even their agents do not. We created a podcast but also innovative content. I have the chance to not depend on it financially since I am still a professional at Fos Provence Basket in Pro D2. Moreover, my network in the world of basketball helped me a lot to get started, even if now the requests come from other sectors. In fact, I have quite a few managers who ask us for help , concludes this basketball player-entrepreneur.

A real example, if any were needed, that one can couple the head… and the legs (or arms) !   A winning duo.

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Updated 24 February 2022