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WEYRIG Pauline
MSc 1st year Real Estate Management
Under a professionalization contract at GIE KAUFMAN & BROAD


What was your educational background ?

After a DUT in Marketing Techniques in Rouen, I wished to specialize in a Professional License in Real Estate Law that I did in a real estate agency.

Wanting to continue in real estate expertise, I chose the MSc 1 Real Estate Management from INSEEC which corresponded perfectly to my research.

I appreciate that the courses are all very specialized and focused on real estate, my passion. I particularly liked the tax courses with Mr. Oudard and the negotiation and sales of real estate products  with Mr. Fourgeaud.



And on the company side ?

I am doing my M1 year in a professionalization contract at GIE KAUFMAN & BROAD, which is a real estate developer. The rhythm is: 3 days at school and 2 days at the company during the1st semester and then full time at the company during the 2nd semester.

My sector is Bordeaux and my missions are those of ” in charge of prescription “. This consists of working with real estate agencies and wealth management consultants, I am responsible for presenting our programs to them so that they in turn present them to their clients. These are mainly tax-exempt programs for residences (notably RIVEO on the Right Bank of Bordeaux).

On a daily basis, I make appointments with prescribers, do commercial prospecting, accompany clients on construction sites with clients  and control contracts.



ow do you see your professional future?

I’m considering doing the Real Estate Management course for the M2. I would very much like to continue my training in a work-study program, either at Kaufman if they want to keep me on or in a company that specializes in the sale of professional premises. The profession of independent expert attracts me strongly, I would like to couple it with a job in the promotion or a real estate agency to have the double hat.


If you had a message for future students ?

Choose the alternation ! The advantage is financial, of course, but also in terms of the courses, which are immediately more meaningful when you combine theory and practice ;



Updated 24 February 2022