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Professional certification issued
and blocks of competencies

Title of “Expert in Real Estate and Asset Management” level 7 (EU) registered in the RNCP (Répertoire National des Certifications Professionnelles) issued by INSEEC (INSEEC EXECUTIVE EDUCATION, CEE RA, CEE SO, MBA INSTITUTE and CEFAS), registered under the number 34923 under the code NSF 313. Registered in the Répertoire National des Certifications Professionnelles on September 14, 2020. Publication in the J.O. of March 21, 2021

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The expert in real estate and asset management assists his or her clients in the creation, management, development and transmission of their assets by proposing financial and real estate products that are relevant to their situation, their needs and their objectives.
In order to accompany his clients, the real estate and asset management expert carries out a personalized study of the situation in order to define a strategy adapted to the type of investment by explaining to each client the legal and fiscal framework, the advantages, the disadvantages and the risks involved. He or she canvasses for new wealth management clients in order to develop the portfolio and informs clients of new investment opportunities.

The expert in real estate and asset management can also specialize in a given type of clientele (individuals, craftsmen, professionals, etc.) or in a type of risk (contingency, real estate, taxation of transfers for companies and individuals, etc.).
The profession can be practiced as an employee in companies, consulting and asset management firms, investment companies, banks, real estate agencies and syndicates, and local authorities.
The real estate and asset management expert can also exercise his activity under a self-employed status. In this case, certain authorizations must be obtained on conditions of diploma and experience in order to be able to create a wealth management firm

What jobs can you do with this RNCP title?

The following is a non-exhaustive list of the different occupations that can be held by holders of the certification:

  • Director of Heritage
  • Real Estate Manager
  • Wealth Management Manager
  • Property manager
  • Property administrator
  • Wealth Manager
  • Manager of real estate activities
  • Financial Investment Advisor
  • Financing Broker

“In response to business needs

The “Expert in Real Estate and Asset Management” certification aims to respond to the evolution of the real estate and asset management sector:

  • Mastery of the regulatory and ethical environment in the context of a strengthening of the constraints imposed on companies;
  • Strengthening management, data analysis and reporting skills to optimize business performance;
  • Development of reinforced technical and managerial skills in a context where real estate and asset management professionals are faced with a varied and better informed clientele and are required to market often complex products;
  • Reinforcement of technical skills known as niche and sought after on the job market: mastery of risks, financial and real estate products, and increased regulation.

What skills are developed?

The professional certification allows the preparation of the following blocks of competences:

  • Define and manage real estate and asset strategies.
  • Manage the accounting and financial management of the establishment.
  • Manage real estate assets for your organization or a major client.
  • Implement business development and manage a team

The certification is issued by capitalization of the totality of the blocks of competences. Each competency of a block must be validated to validate the block of competencies. Partial validation of a block is not possible.


The candidate must justify:

  • For entry into the 4th year (MSc1): Hold a level 6 or equivalent (180 ECTS validated) preferably in the field of real estate management, banking and asset management
  • For entry into the 5th year (MSc2): Hold a level 6 and have validated the equivalent of 240 ECTS preferably in the field of real estate management, banking and wealth management.

    The institution remains open to other types of training areas as long as the candidate’s professional project is coherent.


This certification is accessible through Validation of Acquired Experience .

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Updated 13 July 2022