Where can I get a master’s degree in human resources?

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Do you dream of becoming an HRD, of being in charge of recruitment and personnel management in a company? Be aware that you can start graduate studies in human resources. Schools of higher education, such as INSEEC, offer both general and specialized training for careers in HR. The program provides all the skills needed to become a good HRD. A master’s degree in human resources is required, but where to get it?

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Definition: what are human resources?

The human resources department ensures the smooth running of companies. HR is at the heart of the structure to manage the personnel, the payroll and the skills of each person. It encompasses different entities of the company. Depending on the needs of the company, HR can be managed in different ways, either internally or externally. With a recruitment firm or an HR department, the objective remains the same: recruit talent and retain employees.

In order to join the human resources department of a company, you need to have a higher education. Business and management schools offer you this opportunity. Your apprenticeship will lead to a Bac + 2 diploma, a BTS or a DUT, a Bachelor’s degree in HR or a Bachelor’s degree in HR Information and Communication, or a Master’s degree in HR or an MBA in HR.

Where can I get a master’s degree in human resources?

Wondering how to become a HRD and where to get a master’s degree in human resources? Be aware that you need to start your graduate studies at university or business school to begin.

  • you can go for a degree at the university after the Bac. No field of study is focused on human resources, so you must choose a generalist specialization that is close to the business world, such as AES, Law, Economics and Management;
  • you can then pursue a professional master’s degree in human resources. The specialization is linked to other departments, such as psychology, economics, management, law or communication;
  • Business schools open their doors to you to work in HR and do a master’s degree in human resources. The admission level starts at the baccalaureate, Bac + 2, or Bac + 3. With an initial training or a work-study program, these institutions teach you the ropes of the human resources department.

What studies should I do to work in Human Resources?

If you are considering becoming an HR manager in a company, schools and universities offer the right training. Among the curriculum to be followed are:

  • DUT GEA option human resources management, BTS Management of SME, BTS support to the managerial action. These training courses lead to a bachelor’s degree and can lead to a position as an HR assistant or recruitment manager;
  • a professional degree in human resources management, at university or in a business school, for example the Bachelor’s degree in Management and Financial Management, specializing in HR, accessible with a bachelor’s degree or higher;

a master’s degree in HR at a school of management schools such as INSEEC offer a course of study leading to a Bac + 5: the MSc Human Resources Manager or a MSC Talent Management, with 2 years of study to become an expert in HR management; or the Master Grande Ecole, Management and Human Resources major, with an admission level of Bac +2, Bac +3, Bac +4.

What is a Master of Science in Human Resources?

To meet the personnel management needs of companies, this training is the most appropriate.

The MSc2 Human Resources Manager focuses on learning future HR management concepts and tools. During the 2 years of study, students are introduced to the digital software of HRM and social life in a company.

This program anticipates the workplace environment in 2025. The training allows students to be operational, regardless of the size or capacity of the company.

For more information, please see our FAQ.

What are the courses offered in the Master of Science in Human Resources at INSEEC?

In order to meet the expectations of a company after a training in Msc2 Human Resources, INSEEC provides the following courses:

  • budget management and dashboards;
  • Business plan elaboration and company creation;
  • negotiation and business strategies ;
  • Business English / TOEIC;
  • Management Information Systems ;
  • Business Skills;
  • Corporate social policy and human resources management;
  • Labour Law;
  • Organizational specificities and human resources management;
  • Psychology of Work;
  • Social law ;
  • Individual and collective behaviors in the company;
  • remuneration and pay slip

What are the admission requirements for the Master of Science in HR at INSEEC?

You can access the Master of Science in HR program at INSEEC with a Bachelor’s degree. To follow a Bac + 4 and Bac + 5 program, the following conditions must be met to access the certification system, excluding VAE.

  • At the beginning of the 4e year, MSc 1: you had a level 6 or 180 ECTS validated in an equivalent speciality;
  • Admission to the 5e year MSc 2: a level 6 or 240 ECTS is required.

INSEEC is open to all proposals as long as the student is determined on his professional project.

What job can I do with a Master of Science in Human Resources?

Once you graduate with your MSc in Human Resources, you have access to the following professions:

  • HR Manager;
  • Human Resources Manager;
  • HR Development Manager;
  • HR Manager;
  • HR consultant ;
  • recruitment manager, recruitment expert, talent acquisition specialist.

You can find the detailed job descriptions here.

Updated 17 October 2023