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Starting higher education isn’t always easy. You’re immersed in a new environment and may find it hard to get your bearings. However, your status as an INSEEC Bachelor student allows you to take advantage of a variety of resources designed to enhance your experience throughout your studies!

Find out more about the resources available to you on your journey.

What resources can you use as an INSEEC Bachelor student?

Have you decided to join the INSEEC Bachelor program? This allows you to benefit from various resources for the duration of your studies. Some of these encourage an innovative, fun approach to learning. Others allow you to develop your skills or help you in your job search. Last but not least, there are other tools to help you with your administrative and personal procedures.

These resources are designed to support you on a daily basis and make your student experience a pleasant one. Don’t hesitate to use them, especially if you’re entering your first year of a Bachelor’s degree and higher education is a new world for you.

Boostcamp and SHIFT(s), resources that help you learn differently

Boostcamp and SHIFT(s) are educational resources available to all students at OMNES Education schools. They allow you to enrich your knowledge in different fields, but also to acquire new skills.

Boostcamp, the digital platform that helps you every day

Boostcamp makes it easy! This platform brings together in one place your schedule, lessons, grades, homework assignments and a host of useful teaching resources.

Among these, you’ll find courses in your field of specialization, but also courses in other fields. In fact, the platform boasts over 75 courses in the fields of management, business, engineering, design, communications, CSR, political science and international relations. You can freely access all these resources and develop your knowledge. And if that’s not enough, you also have access to 24 hours of online lectures and over 600 hours of instructional videos.

This should satisfy your curiosity!

Understand the world around you with SHIFT(s) programs

Want to gain a better understanding of the cultural, social, economic and environmental transformations taking place in our societies? Participate in SHIFT(s) programs and develop skills in demand in the world of work. The richness and diversity of SHIFT(s) programs will set you apart, both academically and professionally.

SHIFT(s) programs are a series of masterclasses, group work and teaching resources designed to encourage reflection and questioning of the world. They are spread over three years and lead to certifications that you can use in your career.

Find your work-study placement or first job on the NEMO platform

As well as learning in a different way, you’ll have the chance to get help with your job search while you’re at school. To do this, you need to visit the NEMO platform, which lists all job offers from INSEEC Bachelor and OMNES Education partner companies.

On this portal, you’ll find offers for internships, apprenticeships, VIE and first jobs. NEMO also lets you submit your CV online, apply for jobs and track your applications, as well as taking part in CV and cover letter writing workshops and coaching sessions organized by the school’s corporate relations department.

Remember that your 3rd year of the Bachelor’s program at INSEEC can be done on a sandwich course. Don’t hesitate to use NEMO to find your company!

Foreign students, help yourself settle in with “Bienvenue en France” and the immersive game Pardon my French !

Have you decided to study in France? Wonderful! It’s a brave decision to move to a new country, because you have to learn to understand its codes and adapt to a way of life that may be different from your own. It can be difficult, but the INSEEC Bachelor helps you get settled. In particular, you can take part in the “Welcome to France” course, available in English and French on Boostcamp.

Thanks to this resource, you can improve your French and learn more about the country’s culture and customs. You’ll be able to play the immersive Pardon my French game and slip into the shoes of Alice, a student straight from Japan! In situations that every student encounters, you’ll have to help them understand life in France.

Want to join INSEEC’s Bachelor program? We’re waiting for you!

Updated 18 September 2023