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What is sport management?

Sport management is to be considered as the business and corporate part of sport. It encompasses all the classic disciplines learned in business school with regard to the management and administration of organizations applied to the sports field.

Sport Management is a sector that also includes needs in accounting, finance, marketing, law, sponsoring, HR, communication or business development.

The sports sector is also a field of passion. Working in this sector also allows the student to join an industry and a community that interests him/her from a personal point of view with a rich panel of professions.

What are the main advantages of a training in sports management?

There are many advantages to training in sports management.

Sport a growth sector

Sport is a growth sector because it is part of a high-impact industry on a national and international scale.

Indeed, in France the sports industry is worth nearly 78 billion euros and includes about 30 million regular participants according to a study by EY. The sports goods sector alone in France is worth 12 billion euros.

This sector is a major contributor to the French economy and allows for numerous recruitments for a constantly evolving industry that faces many challenges, including international competition, digitalization, political tensions between countries and very recently health events.
Moreover, sports are numerous and represented by multiple entities that allow the future employee to evolve in terms of profession and specialization. For example, working as an employee or freelancer for a sports brand, a sports club, a federation, a media or an agency specialized in sports events.

The international scope of sport management

Sports management is part of an international industry, so the sector is growing in France but also abroad.
Competitions and sports events are very often the place where different cities and countries meet. The student can pursue a career abroad if he or she wishes.

Business school studies

Sports management is taught more in business schools with post-bac higher education. The student can therefore learn a business and international vision of the sector through the meeting of professionals and theoretical teachings.
Languages will also be at the center of the courses in order to respond to the evolution of the market.

Sport management and its many opportunities

Sport management offers many opportunities, in France, internationally or in corporate, strategy, field and event management functions.

Sports management professions

Several jobs that recruit are therefore possible for the student, who, with a business school education, can then decide on the direction of his or her career.

Manager of a sportsman

Among the positions available, the future graduate may decide to become a manager of a high-level athlete . Thus, he or she will be in charge of his or her contracts with the clubs, sponsorship, advertising or communication. In fact, he accompanies the athlete on all the business part of his activity apart from his skills as an athlete on the field.

Sport products and services

If the student wishes, he or she can join teams selling sports-related products and services as a marketing manager, communications manager, retail manager or event manager.

This industry is largely accompanied by the development of large-scale sports practice by the general public, or the strong dynamics of large-scale sports events or the evolution of connected objects. These are all avenues of development for French and international manufacturers and distributors of sporting goods and equipment.

Sponsorship and sports events

Sponsoring, partnerships and events with private companies within an event, a club or an agency are promising professions. The student can aspire to positions such as economic development manager, sales manager or sponsorship and partnerships manager. Today, sports events are supported by prestigious brands and leading companies worldwide.

The media

Sport is also a practice that is mediatized through digital, paper, specialized and general media. These events are often the venue for large-scale broadcasting with a large audience. Also, a career in the media can be an opportunity for the future professional, who can join a radio, a television channel, or a social network as a columnist, journalist, commentator or producer.

Coaching and sports education

The student can also decide to become a coach or a sports educator. These disciplines obviously require a practical diploma in addition.
These jobs can be done as a freelancer or within the public service by becoming a sports educator in public institutions or in the private sector.

Does INSEEC offer training in sports management?

The OMNES Education Group offers several courses in sports management within its renowned business schools.

INSEEC and theInternational University of Monaco offer students the opportunity to specialize in the sports industry through :

  • Marketing and sports events;
  • The trade, distribution and retail of sports equipment;
  • and Governance of Sport and Sport Organizations.

Training courses leading to BAC+3 and BAC+5 degrees are therefore offered, among others:

Master of Science in Sports Marketing & Management: Master’s level, offered on the Paris, Lyon and Bordeaux campuses.

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Updated 2 August 2023