What are the jobs after a master’s degree in sports management?

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The master’s degree in sports management leads to positions mainly in the management of sports clubs and institutions, such as federations or leagues, in the distribution of sports articles and equipment, or in agencies (marketing, event management or press relations).

Graduates of a master’s degree in sports management can apply for jobs such as :

  • Sports Communication Manager
  • Business developer in sports marketing
  • Stadium manager
  • Operational Director of a sports organization
  • Director of sports equipment
  • Executive in the distribution of sports products and services
  • Product Manager
  • Sales Manager
  • Club Sports Manager
  • Event manager
  • Sponsorship Manager

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What are the different courses in sports management?

In France, the master’s degree in sports management can be obtained at the university, via a master’s degree in STAPS with a specialization in sports management, accessible after a bachelor’s degree in STAPS. This training is also available in private schools and/or schools specialized in the field of sports management.

After a BAC+3, students can apply for this master. INSEEC offers several post-baccalaureate courses that allow you to access this type of training: INSEEC Bachelor, INSEEC BBA or INSEEC Grande Ecole.

The INSEEC MSc offers, after a year in MSc1 sports management, several options that can be done in alternation. The student will therefore have several choices of orientation, with the following specialties: Marketing and Management of Sports, as well as Marketing and Management of Outdoor Sports.

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What are the jobs in the sports equipment trade, distribution and retail?

  • Sports Product Manager

This profession consists in developing a product, from its conception to its commercial distribution.

The product manager will conduct market research and analyze the results to design the right strategy to implement with consumers. Then, he will participate in the design of the communication and marketing strategy.

Having a good knowledge of the market and the competition, he will choose products and/or services to develop in order to meet the expectations of consumers.

Negotiation skills, autonomy, initiative, creativity and reactivity are among the qualities required for this job.

  • Sports sales manager

This professional supervises his team and collaborates with the company’s event and marketing teams. He manages the development of the company’s network. It will also establish a commercial action plan to obtain new partners.

Its missions will be the negotiation of contracts, the follow-up of the customers, the realization of competitive and sectorial watch as well as the prospection.

The skills and qualities necessary to exercise this profession are the following: negotiation skills, persuasion, knowledge of sales techniques and commercial strategies, rigor and good customer relations.

What are the professions in the governance of sport and sport organizations?

There are several jobs available in the field of sport governance and sport organizations. For example:

  • Manager of sports organizations

This manager’s mission is to strategically and operationally develop a sports organization. Having a perfect knowledge of the sport environment, this professional will be the guarantor of the development of the sport structure.

He will be in contact with different actors: private or public partners, committees or federations. He must be able to set up and manage projects.

Its missions are very similar to those of a company director.

To exercise this profession, you must have a good knowledge of physical and sports activities, a good ability to communicate and a good command of the legal and institutional environment of sport.

  • Sports director of a municipality, regional or departmental councils

The missions of a director of a municipality, regional or departmental councils will be the management and the installation of installations, the municipal animation, the promotion of sporting activities near the inhabitants, but also the installation and the promotion of a policy near elected officials.

This professional will be required to analyze the expectations of the population regarding sports facilities and infrastructures.

This director must know his environment perfectly and therefore have a great knowledge of the field of sport.
He/she must have management skills. He is rigorous, organized and has leadership qualities. He is also creative and dynamic.

What are the jobs in the field of marketing and sports events?

The field of sports event marketing offers many different job opportunities.

Among these jobs, we find the job of sports event manager or sports sponsorship manager.

  • Sports event manager

The event manager organizes events in the field of sports. Thanks to the specifications established with the client, he will have to elaborate an original concept that will make a lasting impression.

Both manager and administrator, his objective is to ensure the smooth running of the project. He must therefore coordinate, plan and communicate while respecting the given budget.

Depending on the event, he may have to work on the project for several weeks or years.

The qualities required to be an event project manager are the following: anticipation and analysis of risks, a good knowledge of regulations, the ability to listen and good interpersonal skills.

  • Sports sponsorship manager

This job consists in putting in relation the sponsor, often a company, and the sponsored (the sport activity) in order to set up a financial partnership. His main missions will be to prospect for companies likely to accept the sponsorship offer, and to persuade them to commit themselves. Finally, the sponsorship manager will accompany these companies to optimize the partnership in the long term.

In the field of marketing and events, other professions exist, such as the profession of communication manager.

This job requires skills and qualities such as a good knowledge of the sports world, knowledge of negotiation techniques, interpersonal skills and good commercial relations.

A graduate of a master’s degree in sports management can therefore have access to jobs related to several sports with many different outlets.

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