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What exactly is the job of a player agent?

The player agent’s mission is to mediate between a club and a sports professional. Strictly framed by the sports code, this function found its rise thanks to the democratization of the sports competitions as well as the development of what is called today the “sport spectacle”, widely relayed by the mainstream media. Thus, it is officially defined as “a natural or legal person practicing on a casual or permanent basis for remuneration.” With many functions and responsibilities related to the sport environment, the role of the agent covers a large number of complementary areas, sometimes very far from each other.

On paper, it’s a job that has a lot going for it, and there’s a lot of interest. A professional activity in the heart of the high spheres of sports and media can represent an ideal career, allowing to combine passion and business. But those who succeed at a high level are few. In fact, officially there are 350 professional agents throughout the country. Of these, a large proportion do not work regularly and a small proportion live extremely comfortably. In fact, the disparities between agents are very large.

Career development requires a lot of patience and commitment. At the beginning of his career, the junior agent will take care of a player with a budding career, his remuneration will be proportional to the stature of his client. With time, experienced players can also become agents, entering the sector with a perfect knowledge and mastery of the data inherent to the profession.

What training do I need to become a player agent?

The minimum level is a Bachelor’s degree, completed over 3 years, in a school that provides training in sports management such as INSEEC.

In addition to this, in order to obtain an accreditation, a general test must be carried out based on the following tests

  • general legal knowledge
  • sports law
  • technical knowledge on the rules of the discipline in which you want to evolve

This license is offered by some schools in France, such as EAJF (school of soccer players’ agents), or WST (Worldwide sport training). Out of 500 students applying each year, only 10% succeed in obtaining the precious sesame. The only exception to the rule is that since 2011 a change in the law allows lawyers to practice as sports agents without having to hold a license. However, he has slightly less scope for action than a professional player’s agent.

What are the qualities required to be a good sports agent?

The profession of sports agent requires mastering many fields in order to be perfectly competent in his functions.

Although when we think of him we spontaneously think of contract negotiation, he plays on several levels in order to respond to the tasks delegated to him. This job is characterized by a wide variety of functions. His position as a communicator requires him to be a good negotiator. The player agent must master many areas:

  • Sport
  • Marketing
  • taxation
  • right
  • public relations
  • foreign languages

In addition to the necessary rigor linked to his responsibilities, the sports agent must have the soul of a leader and be a leader of men. He/she must be a good teacher and know how to communicate easily, while always maintaining self-control. His address book and his ease of communication are indispensable assets to serve his client’s career. Of course, beyond the roles he takes on, he is a sports fan and must excel perfectly in the discipline in which he wishes to practice.

What salary for a sports agent?

Based on the same principle as an actor’s agent, a player’s agent earns approximately 10% (maximum) commission based on a player’s gross compensation. The proportion can vary according to several criteria, including the experience and background of the two protagonists. Overall the range is between 3% minimum and 10%. It should be noted that France is the only country to set limits on salaries.

Does INSEEC prepare you to be a player agent?

With the democratization of the media in recent decades, sports have become an extremely flourishing and profitable market. Synonymous with economic dynamism with the starification of sportsmen and women, the explosion of television rights as well as the exponential growth of sports structures, the world of sports generates numerous vocations in a wide variety of fields.

INSEEC has not dealt with this issue in an anecdotal way and offers several courses related to the field of sports, under the impulse of many professionals. The programs cover all sectors of activity and offer constant contact with the main players in the field, in order to provide a full and immersive experience.

INSEEC sport programs are developed to give candidates a general vision of the sector in order to prepare them for all jobs in the sport market, from Bachelor to Master to Bac +5. There are three main categories covered by the programs:

  • Trade, distribution and retail of sports equipment
  • marketing and sports events
  • governance of sport and sport organizations

Thus, students receive specific instruction related to each of the three major areas so that they receive the expertise necessary for their future employment. The variety of courses will allow them to choose one of the many orientations towards a profession in sport.if you wish to get more information or to register, it is here : Application to a Sports Specialization at INSEEC.

Updated 2 August 2023