How do I formulate an email for an apprenticeship request?

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In order to get an apprenticeship contract with a company, the student must first send an application. There are several ways to get this work-study contract, but the first step is often to write an e-mail requesting employment or applying for a job that has been posted. As a reminder, apprenticeship is, along with the professionalization contract, one of the two possible types of work-study contracts. The alternation is the fact of being able to follow a training in a school at the same time as a work period within a company.

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Essential points for obtaining an apprenticeship contract

First of all, the candidate must be accepted into the school AND into a company. In order to perfect the application for an apprenticeship, the applicant must first consider a few key points.

Requirements to be able to apply

First of all, it is important to note that apprenticeship is one of the possible contracts in a work-study training. Along with the apprenticeship contract, there is also the professionalization contract. These two contracts have some differences. For the apprenticeship, the student must be under 30 years old.

After that, the admission criteria for an apprenticeship depends on each company and school. This means that you will have to be well informed about these matters before launching the application. Of course, you must first choose the company that will offer the positions and allow you to take your first step in the professional world; but also the school that offers the training. At INSEEC, for example, the criteria for admission to a work-study program are: the relevance and coherence of the professional project, the quality of the argumentation, the motivation, the CV, the professional experience, the academic background, and the oral fluency.

Prepare for all questions

If you are serious about pursuing an apprenticeship, you need to be prepared for all that is involved professionally and personally. To do this, find out the conditions established by the company and the school or program you choose. Ask yourself about :

  • the type of contract; companies may prefer an apprenticeship contract to a professionalization contract.
  • the minimum and maximum duration of the contract;
  • the start and end date of the contract ;
  • salary and cost to the company. Many work-study students send a schedule and estimate directly to the company with their application.
  • the possibility of hiring, it is necessary to get information beforehand on the professional networks to see the companies that have big recruitment needs, the start-ups that come to raise funds, etc.
  • the training rhythm: 3 weeks/1 week, 3 days/2 days, calendar that follows the accounting calendar with more time in the company at the time of the closing of accounts. Companies often have very definite ideas about the type of work-study program they are looking for.
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An effective email for an apprenticeship application

Once you have worked out all these details, you can now think about the content of theapplication email you need to send. It is important to know that this email will be your first contact with the person in charge. This means that it is already considered professional. It also shows your motivation and involvement. This is a critical component to your admission to apprentice status.

As for the content of the email, a few essential elements must be included:

  • your contact information;
  • the name of your contact: a great sign of respect and involvement;
  • the date of the work-study program and the training schedule
  • the training you are already taking; the training you will be doing in the fall.
  • your current project and your future prospects;
  • your strengths as an apprentice and as a professional;
  • the benefits the employer receives by accepting your application(don’t forget to mention the state bonus in particular!).

With all this information, don’t forget to attach your CV and cover letter.

Prioritize the coaching provided during the training

For students who are already enrolled in a school such as INSEEC, applying for an apprenticeship with a company is considerably easier. This is because they already receive comprehensive coaching on how to create a CV, write a cover letter and prepare for an interview.

Each student receives individual coaching as they begin the application process with a company. There is also collective coaching provided by the experts to give students confidence before they join a professional group, since it is essential to take into account the existence or not of a corporate relations department when choosing a school. This allows you to find the most suitable work-study offer for your situation. Specialized schools such as INSEEC automatically broadcast the offers presented by their partners. Meeting companies and students at professional events also facilitates the matching and application process.

The importance of coaching in work-study programs

Because apprenticeship is a form of work-study, the student must go through a few steps before entering the professional field. Each school sets strict rules when selecting eligible students for each course. And the same is true for companies, before accepting a work-study contract, they must screen all candidates. It is the applicant who must take the first step by sending a well prepared application.

Apprenticeship-type training allows students to have access to a practical period while working towards their degree. The biggest advantage is that students are coached to prepare brilliantly for their professional future. It is therefore the responsibility of the corporate relations department to assist candidates in their search for an apprenticeship contract. It is also the responsibility of this entity to put in place the right contract for each student according to their level of study.

If you would like more information about preparing for a job interview, please see our dedicated article. And for any other questions you may have, you can read our Frequently Asked Questions, attend an information meeting or be contacted by our teams.

Updated 2 August 2023