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INSEEC offers training in various fields, accessible through work-study programs (professionalcontracts orapprenticeships) in order to facilitate your professional integration.

Together, let’s find out more:

  • What exactly isalternation?
  • What are the training courses available in alternation at INSEEC? and what are the admission requirements?
  • What is the rhythm of thework-study program?
  • What are the advantages ofwork-study programs?

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What is alternation?

Work-study is a training system that allows you to alternate between theoretical training provided by a school and professional experience in a company.

INSEEC has been committed to connecting academic knowledge with the reality of the professional world for over 40 years now. This is why we offer students a number of training programs that are accessible through work-study programs.

Thanks to thiswork-study system, you will quickly obtain qualifications as well as a strong professional experience that will represent real assets for your future recruiters.

The school/company alliance is a real winning strategy today for our students.

What are the training courses available in alternation at INSEEC?

At INSEEC, thework-study program is only available to students in :

  • Bachelor 3rdyear;
  • MSc & MBA 1st and2nd year;
  • Master 1 and 2 of the Grande École program.

Work-study training is possible in almost all fields: accounting & management, IT, communication & marketing, business, management, human resources, etc. You can therefore train in many fields and sectors of activity .

What are the admission requirements?

To apply for one of our work-study programs, go directly to our page: “admissions procedures”. Choose the program you want to join and submit your application. Then take the various written and oral tests specific to your program and integrate your program at the beginning of the school year!

Also consider finding your company. To find your work-study program, you must be highly motivated and have a well thought-out career plan. You will be accompanied by INSEEC’s Corporate Relations Department.

This service helps you in your research and in the setting up of your contract. It offers collective and/or individual support and follow-up to all students who are looking for a professionalization orapprenticeship contract.

Several tools will be put in place to help you:

  • CV and cover letter coaching & interview preparation and simulation.
  • Posting ofwork-study offers from our partners on the Corporate Relations Facebook page and on the corporate portal.
  • Organization ofcompany forums throughout theyear (job dating).
  • Job dating exclusively dedicated to a company coming to meet students.

At INSEEC, we give you every chance to find your work-study program!

What is the rhythm of the work-study program at INSEEC?

The rhythm of thework-study program varies according to the schools and campuses, but also according to the student’s level of study. Do not hesitate to contact the school of your choice for more information on this subject.

For example, there could be two days at school and three days at the company each week, or an alternating week (one week at the company / one week at school).

Work-study programs can be carried out under two types of contracts, each of which does not give access to the same rights:

  • The professionalization contract

The pro contract is a contract between an employer and a student. It is intended for students between the ages of 16 and 25, and forjob seekers over the age of 26. The student generally signs a 12-month fixed-term contract that can be extended to 24 months if necessary.

Under 21 years oldFrom 21 to 25 years old26 years and older
65% of the minimum wage80% of the minimum wage100% of the minimum wage
  • The apprenticeship contract.

As for theapprenticeship contract, it is more regulated. It also concerns young people from 16 to 25 years old and the age limit can even be extended to 30 years old in certain cases.

Here, thealternation is based on theoretical teaching in your training center (INSEEC) on the one hand, and on the other hand, on the teaching of the job at theemployer‘s. You must complete 400 hours of training and the duration of your contract may vary between 1 and 3 years.

You will also have to be supervised by anapprentice master, either by theemployer or by another employee of thecompany. This person will have to give you all the knowledge you need to obtain your title or diploma.

School YearUnder 18 years oldFrom 19 to 21 years old21 years and older
1st year25% of the minimum wage41% of the minimum wage53% of the minimum wage
2nd Year37% of the minimum wage49% of the minimum wage61% of the minimum wage

What are the advantages of work-study programs?

Thework-study program offers many advantages, among them:

  • The acquisition of a real professional experience

By alternating between school and company, you will be able to acquire all the theory necessary for your training while putting it into practice directly in your company. You will learn a lot and this will allow you to “grow”, to become more quickly a real professional in your field of activity.

You will acquire many qualifications and important professional skills, which will not fail to satisfy your future recruiters, who are for the most part, very sensitive to this type of profile.

  • No tuition fees and a monthly salary

With thework-study program, your tuition fees are entirely covered by the host company and more specifically by a specialized organization. These are often quite large amounts (between 5-10K€). So it’s a real relief for you not to have to take that money out. This way you can study with peace of mind.

Awork-study program is an excellent way to finance your studies. You will even receive a salary from your company (depending on the type of contract you have signed) which will allow you to pay your rent, your groceries and your bills for example.

See our page on the subject of work-study remuneration:

  • A real accompaniment

Throughout your work-study period, you will be accompanied by your tutor orapprenticeship master who will pass on his or her professional knowledge and skills. You will also be accompanied at INSEEC by our Corporate Relations Department, which will help you become a real professional thanks to coaching and job-dating. You will be followed and accompanied in your search and in the setting up of your contract. It is therefore a real advantage to be able to benefit from these different services.

For more information onwork-study programs, please contact us.

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Updated 2 August 2023